The Trends in The Mobile-First Designs You Wish You Knew Sooner

Everyone uses mobile phones these days. It is the one thing that is probably not going out of vogue anytime soon. So when people try to create a user-friendly website these days, they try to ensure it is mobile-friendly, and there is no better way to do this than to design with a mobile-first mindset. 

What is Mobile-First Design?

Mobile-first designs are web designs that are adapted to mobile users first before other device platforms (Tablets and Computers) in terms of function and adjustability across various screen sizes. It helps maximize space and create the most minimalist version of the website in focus.  With mobile-first designs, web designers can even build a responsive design to fit into any screen without the design getting altered. 

What Are the Values Behind Mobile-First Design?

Every eCommerce website builder wants to create the most functional design and give a wonderful experience to their users. These are the basis behind the concept of mobile-first designs, which have kept the mobile-first design as a primary consideration for decision-makers when it comes to developing their web platform. But there are other factors to consider:

  1. Mobile-First Indexing Policy 

Google initiated the mobile-first indexing policy about a decade ago, which stated that it would prioritize websites with mobile-first designs in their SEO results. Google makes this possible by crawling websites and index pages with smartphone designs. 

How does this affect web designers? It basically means that if designers fail to build a well-rounded mobile version of their website, they may not appear efficiently in Google search.  Google foresees the increasing demographic of mobile users and the need to cater to this user base. It is not logical to have mobile users and yet, have them use desktop-oriented website versions. The policy prompted designers to optimize their designs for mobile users above other forms.

  1. Enhanced User Experience. 

Every designer’s priority is to give their users the best experience when visiting a website. To achieve that goal, a website needs to be easily accessible, fast-loading and appealing to the eyes. If this requirement is not met, the website risks having minimal visitors and becoming obsolete. 

With mobile-first designs, users meet more responsive, smooth, and fewer buggy websites that cater to user behavior and nuances. Brands or businesses are left with more satisfied users who will always keep coming back for their services, furthermore increasing their relevant conversion targets.

Trends of Mobile-First Designs in 2021

Google’s announcement on prioritizing mobile-first designs created a seismic shift in the world of web design. Designers’ focus on mobile devices brought about several advancements in mobile web designs that were not initially present. But in 2021, several trends have gone mainstream and are popular among the design community and eCommerce brands alike. They are:

  1. Introduction of the Dark Mode

A few years back, the famous dark mode used by designers in their coding platforms began to make its way to mobile devices. And now, almost all apps have a dark and light mode. The dark mode gives the user an option, which enhances the overall experience of the platform. 

  1. Rounded Elements Feature

Rounded elements are one of the features of mobile designs that make them look quite appealing and different. Research has clearly shown that rounded edges to buttons and other design elements get more reception from the average user as they tend to be visually appealing while making it easier to process information.

  1. Minimalism in Design 

We have been talking about the trends and use of mobile-first designs. But here is one of the most critical trends that this type of design thrives. A minimalist design is not too packed with irrelevant information and design elements, yet not dull looking. A minimalist design creatively fits all the essentials a page needs to achieve its desired purpose while maintaining a simplistic and functional design.

  1. Shopping is Made Easy with A Mobile App.

eCommerce has become part and parcel of the average smartphone user, so shopping from mobile devices can no longer be an afterthought for eCommerce brands and must be seamless for consumers. Besides creating a shopping platform that is easy to navigate, the entire process should be straightforward for the average user. eCommerce brands can achieve this through one-click ordering that supports a variety of payment options across multi-channel. 

Keeping Up with the Trends in the Future

While it is always important to be creative and innovative in creating a mobile design, it is essential to stay up-to-date with vital trends in the design of any platform. Here are a few:

  1. Stay simple

Simplicity is the keyword for mobile designs. It basically involves creating the most appealing website in the most minimal way. 

  1. Keep on Top of Call-to-Action(CTA)

Call-to-action is the primary driver for conversion. Using call-to-action features in mobile designs helps designers save space that they don’t have. And it also helps make the design minimal and more interactive for users.

  1. Use mobile-friendly graphic design

Using mobile-friendly graphics that fit well into mobile platforms, asides from making your web platform load quicker, also helps reduce the clutter associated with most web designs.

  1. Ensure lightning-fast page loads

Staying true to all the above-listed trends is what will help you ensure a fast-loading page. A mobile design is only as good as its loading time. If users have to wait many seconds before pages load, it dampens the user experience, and the mobile-first design purposes and values are defeated. 

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