Tim Matheson- Actor & Director ( Biography)

A well-known name in the American TV and film industry is Tim Matheson. Being an actor, director, and producer, he marks the long-lasting effects on the viewers. Nonetheless, he has an attractive personality with a unique living style. Tim started his acting career at the age of 13.

Acting and directing both are complex tasks that require time. But Tim is the man who makes a name in these fields in a short time. He played popular TV and film shows that included versatility in each of them.

In addition, he got popularity from the cartoon program Jonny Quest by providing the voice behind the camera. Another role is in the ”space ghost”, an animated series in which he provides the voice of Jace. So he is also known through these famous cartoon character voices.

He played an essential role in the American media industry and provided original work by exploring his natural skills.

About the Early life

Timothy Matheson was born on December 31, 1947, in the Glendale, California, region. His mother’s name is Sally, and his father is Clifford Matheson, a pilot trainer by profession. He belongs to an honorable family.

When we talk about the beginning of time, we know that he started his acting journey at the age of 13. He played a fascinating role in Robert Young’s CBS as Roddy Miller, a popular comedy TV series.

In 1963 he acted in the ”Leave it to Beaver ”as Mike Harmon, and in 1964 he explored his voice miracle by providing the voice to popular cartoon characters Jonny Quest, Jace, and many other voice-over roles he performed entirely.

In addition, he played numerous versatile characters in various TV dramas. Year 1967 he acted in the novel based drama ”Hardy boys”. He also has memorable roles in the film industry. He is a multi-talented person.

Not in acting, he also established himself in directing, where he produced many popular TV dramas. There is a long list of TV series which he led. Moreover, he also provides services as a producer. In the film and TV industry, Matheson has an excellent contribution. He is an American actor, director, and producer who earned fame in all his tasks.

There are many people who succeed at the start of the work, and Matheson works hard and shows his hidden talent. Also, he gave different services in the United state marine corps Reserves.


Life consists of various stages where you step to move on to another location. But few reach the peak of success, and the Matheson actor is one of them. Tim started his career acting at 13 and then proceeded to higher TV and film industry stages.

He belongs to California, the US, and has many followers being an actor, director, and producer. He played the famous roles of his acting life that became the cause of his popularity.

The TV and film programs that became the cause of his popularity and he earned the award from these are

  • Jonny quest TV drama
  • West wing
  • National lampoon’s Animal House comedy film

These shows have a significant part in making a well-known name in the American drama and film industry. Matheson played versatile roles at the start of his career. In 1969 he performed the role of Jim Horn in the TV series Western the Virginian.

Moreover, he also played memorable guest roles in Night gallery in the second season of the 14th episode. Later on, he got fame from the Magnum Force film, which was released in 1973. He played terrific characters in different movies and TV dramas from 1976-1996. The list of these shows is given below

  • Three for the road
  • The quest
  • National Lampoon’s Animal house
  • To be or not to be
  • Up the creek
  • Fletch
  • The west wing
  • A Very Brady Sequel

Above is given the list of programs in which Tim performed individual characters. Furthermore, in 2002 he played the father role in the Van Wilder movie. He completed a remarkable position in the Redline, which is an auto racing film.

When we talk about his directing career, he directed a bunch of TV dramas. The list of the popular drama series which Tim Matheson leads are

  • The Twilight Zone
  • Without Trace
  • Cold case
  • Psych
  • The West wing
  • Criminal minds
  • The good guys
  • White-collar
  • Suits
  • Covert Affairs
  • Criminal behavior

So these all are Tim Matheson TV shows that he directed. Moreover, he remained co-owner and chair of the humor magazine National Lampoon from 1989 to 1991.

Net worth

He worked on different platforms and got success from each path. When we talk about Tim Matheson Net worth, then it is about $7 million. He has countless followers on different social platforms.


Tim Matheson’s wife is three in number. Firstly he falls in love with an actor known as Jenifer Leak. Their married life remained from 1968 to 1971. After the divorce, he married Megan Murphy in 1985. From their second wife, Matheson had three children.

They lived together happily for about 14 years, and then he divorced her in 2010. Tim Matheson’s new wife’s name is Elizabeth Marighetto. Now they both live together happily in Hollywood, California. The years of their marriage are in 2018.

Matheson had five daughters Emma Katherine Matheson, Emma, Molly Lewis, and Molly Matheson. He had two sons, Cooper Matheson and the other one is Cooper Timothy Matheson.

Wrap up!

In this article, we talk about the life stages of famous American actor Tim Matheson. As an actor, director, and producer, he worked great in all fields. Tim started his acting career in childhood and led it to higher levels by exploring his different skills. He had been married three times, and now his wife is Elizabeth Mario ghetto. He has numerous followers from all over the world. His Net worth is about $7 million. I hope you like the article.