Tips on Finding the Best Exercise for You

Exercise is crucial to our health and wellbeing, but so many people don’t realise how important it is. They think because they don’t like breaking a sweat or getting out of breath that they shouldn’t have to do it. This is rubbish! Everybody should exercise, and if you don’t want to it’s because you haven’t found a form that you love yet. Use these tips to help you:

Decide on a Body Type You Admire

It’s OK to admire every single fit body type you see, but you should have an idea of the type you’d most like to have. Some girls prefer a slim yet defined look, while others want plenty of curves and definition. Some will require lots of high intensity, body weight work while some will require weightlifting. Knowing the particular body type you’d like for yourself will help you know which kind of exercise to try. Just remember, you can’t make your body look exactly the same as someone else. You can only have the best version of your own!

Download a Plan

Now you know what you should be doing, download a plan to try. You can find some personal trainers selling these for a bargain price, others selling them for a chunk of your savings. It’s up to you who you want to go with, but if you feel you need support and advice, a more expensive plan will probably be best. You could even find a free fitness program if you don’t want to splash out. It depends on your budget and how you think you’ll stick to a plan.

Do a Few Classes

Classes can be a great help in allowing you to decide what you like. There’s boxing, zumba, crossfit, and more. They’ll be hard, you’ll get sweaty, but try to enjoy them. If you go in there with a negative mindset saying that you won’t like them, then you’re not going to.

Keep it Up for at Least a Few Weeks

Keep something up for at least a couple of weeks to see if you can get into it. Don’t just brush it off straight away. You might begin to enjoy it, and consistency is the only way you’ll see results. Set yourself goals, like getting better at that zumba move you find difficult or lifting a heavier weight. Achieving these goals will encourage you to stick to your plan. Why not treat yourself to some new fitness clothes to motivate you to go?

Consider Sports

OK, so you don’t fancy the gym or classes. What about sports? You could get into badminton, squash, or tennis. It could be anything, although you will usually need a partner to do it with so you need to be as committed as one another.

Don’t Give Up!

Please bear in mind that there are no quick fixes, and you should never just do something for your holiday, or ‘the summer’. It should be a lifelong thing, so feel free to mix things up and make your routine sustainable. You’ll learn to love it after a little while, so just think of all the benefits!