Tips to Create An Attractive Job Description

Good staff are few and far between these days: Gone are the days when hundreds of suitable applicants responded to every job advertisement. You should write your job advertisements professionally if you’re looking for qualified and motivated personnel. Job adverts vary from employer to employer. The information about functions, structure, and tasks depends on each company’s expectations. Here are a few tips on what to consider when writing a job advertisement.

Be Clear About Your Requirements

Writing a job advertisement is an art in itself: Everything has to be concise, fit the company, address the right target group, and must not violate the law.

However, many ads nowadays are based on templates that use generic titles, tasks, and requirements. This is a mistake because you could spend hours filtering through unsuitable candidates who responded to your vaguely worded ad. 

If possible, your HR department should write the job ad. However, they must understand the role. They can also use an employee directory or software for HR to gather business intelligence information, detailing the various tasks of current employees within the same department.

Add The Company’s Profile

The company’s profile must be consistent and should be added to job postings. It should be written by the marketing department, describing all the activities, locations, and the number of employees of the company. 

However, you should not just cling to dry facts here but arouse curiosity and emotions in the applicants. Avoid “worn out” words like worldwide, international, leading, innovative or successful because you’ll find them in almost every job advertisement.

You can indicate the size of the company and describe the products or your services. In addition, it’s advisable to go into the specifics of your industry and your company in particular. These details could arouse interest in your applicants. However, be authentic and clearly outline your company’s mission or goal. Don’t try to convince yourself with boring phrases, but arouse emotions and curiosity. This is how you find applicants who are passionate about the company.

Be Clear With The Description

Clearly describe the responsibilities of the position. The applicant should clearly understand what the working day will look like. If the work consists largely of routine activities, don’t promise a role that’s full of “exciting, varied tasks” or “a high level of personal responsibility.”

State the extent of the powers and responsibilities, especially for managerial positions; for example, which areas can the employee make decisions about? 

The job title is also crucial to whether your advert is found and clicked on by potential applicants in search engines or online job boards. It’s fine to be creative but try to use a well-known title like “Sales Manager” that’s as precise as possible to avoid confusion. 

All in all, you should formulate the job advertisement concisely and meaningfully. Ensure that all questions about the advertised position are answered. The job advertisement must also be geared towards the perspective of the person looking for the job so that their needs are met, and their interest is aroused above all.