Tips to Know Before Going for Horse Riding

The horse riding activity might look easier but it is a butt-kicking activity. The horse riding is not just a simple exercise but staying on the saddle needs strong legs, balance, and a stable core. The horse riding is an amazing outdoor activity and needs a stable body so that the rider can stay put on the saddle. There are certain tips that one should follow for comfortable horse riding.

Safety tips

One should follow all the safety for horse riding. First of all, he should find a good stable where one can learn or practise horse riding. There are certain types of equipment that come to ensure the safety of the rider while riding. For instance, we have safety stirrups that help in freeing the foot of the rider in case of a fall. The foot would not keep caught in case of a fall and would prevent dragging along with the horse. So, one should use such things to ensure maximum safety.


Another important tip is to maintain the right posture while horse riding. One should know how to squeeze the horse with his inner thighs. Also, the back and abdominals play a major role as they help the rider in sitting straight on the saddle. One should follow the right posture for a better horse riding otherwise there can be pains in the body due to the wrong posture.

Dress accordingly

One should dress appropriately while horse riding. One should wear long pants so that skin would not rub against the saddle. Also one should wear shoes with a little heel so that one does not slip from the stirrups. It is better if one does not wear long or loose clothes as there are chances of them to get entangled in any equipment. One should always wear a helmet while horse riding just in case to prevent the head from a fall.

Drink water

Before horse riding, one should drink water and should carry a bottle. Horse riding in the sun can be a sweaty task so one should stay hydrated. This will prevent any heat strokes.

Be friendly

The horse rider should always pet his horse. He should spend some time before horse riding so that they can have better bonding. Animals and humans have been companions for many centuries. So, one should know his partner horse in advance.

Be confident

A horse is a prey animal and they sense danger from far away. They run whenever they sense any kind of danger near them. The horses can see 360 degrees; their ears can hear tiniest sounds and they can even sense danger from far away. So, the rider should always be confident while approaching a horse and should do that from the front. Also, one should be calm while saying anything and should not make any sudden movements.

Check all the types of equipment

All the types of equipment that is used for comfortable horse riding such as saddles, safety stirrups, straps on the bridle and many more should be checked in advance. So that there can be least chances of any kind of accident.

So, all these tips are to be followed for a better horse riding experience.