Top 3 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit In A Fall or Slip Case In Atlanta

An accidental fall and slip can lead to a gruesome injury. It not only leads to heavy medical expenses and hospitalization charges but can render you unemployed for weeks and months. You need to file a lawsuit to bring the negligent party to justice.  

Whenever such an unfortunate event occurs, get a proper medical check-up. You should then consult a personal injury attorney in Atlanta for legal help. As a victim, you have full rights under Atlanta statutes to sue the negligent party and demand suitable compensation. 

Here are 3 mistakes you shouldn’t commit in a slip and fall case:

Don’t Seek Medical Attention

If the injury is minor, you can apply fast aid and move on. But if you feel severe pain or got your bone fractured, consulting a doctor is crucial. Some injuries are not instantly noticeable. These injuries start getting visible in a day or two. 

Irrespective of the nature of the injury, seek medical help. Your doctor or general practitioner will suggest some diagnosis and blood tests. Get them done on time. If required, opt for a full-body check-up as per the doctor’s advice.

In slip and fall cases, many victims get affected due to soft tissue damage, concussion, and internal bleeding. Only a thorough diagnosis will reveal the nature of the damage. Keep all documents relating to your injury safely in a file for future use. 

Instantly Getting In Touch with An Insurance Company

Most victims talk to their insurer after an accident. It’s not the right way to deal with a fall and slip case. Your insurer may end up giving you a lower amount of compensation. You should instead talk to an Atlanta-based personal injury attorney for legal advice.

Your insurer will be more interested in denying your claim or getting the amount of compensation reduced. But that’s not possible when you bring your lawyer to the scene. An insurance company may convince you to say something that suits their narrative. So, consult your legal attorney first before consulting an insurance company.

Avoid Hiring A Legal Attorney

Don’t ignore the significance of legal counseling in a slip and fall case. After seeking medical attention, you should call a lawyer. Once you hire an experienced lawyer, they will do everything possible to help you get compensation from the defendant. 

However, you have to follow a time limit within which such a case has to be filed. You have to adhere to the statute of limitations on personal injury cases in Atlanta. Ideally, all necessary legal steps should be taken as early as possible. You need not worry, as your attorney will take necessary action in this regard.   

In Conclusion 

A slip and fall case requires time to get settled. It takes time to investigate all possible angles from a legal perspective. The lawyer also has to acquire some necessary circumstantial evidence like CCTV footage and statements of eyewitnesses to make your case strong.