Top 4 Tips to Maintain the Value of Your Outdoor Sun Shade Sails

High-quality custom sun shade sails are crafted through good manufacturing as well as excellent materials. However, no matter how durable or expensive shade sails you purchase, they will require constant maintenance. The maintenance will ensure the functionality and effectiveness of the shade sail and it will be able to protect you from the harmful UV rays efficiently. Additionally, it will also guarantee the appearance of the shade sails.

When you purchase a sun shade sail, the maintenance tips come with the manual that is included with the said sail. But, if you cannot interpret the information in the manual, here are 4 tips that will help you to maintain the value of your outdoor sun shade sails.

Install the Sun Shade Sails Appropriately

Shade sails are available in multiple sizes. A few of the sun shade sails are so small that you can install them effortlessly by reading the manual and using some basic tools. However, professional sun shade sail installers are there for a reason – and that is to guarantee the proper installation process of your shade sails. This will help you to avoid any miscalculations during installation.

The improper installation of the sunshade sails can develop other problems in the future. Not only the structure but also the shade itself can be damaged from improper installation.

Clean the Shade Sail Daily

Various things can make shade sail dirty, including bird poops and wet leaves. If you notice these things, make sure to remove them as soon as you can. The longer these things stay on the shade sail, the faster stains will affect the threads and fabric. The same is also applicable for mildew and mold. As per Healthline, molds can cause health problems such as lung disease, asthma, and allergies. While cleaning, don’t hose down your shade sail with high pressured water. Instead, use a soft brush to clean the dirt thoroughly.

Don’t Use Strong Detergent

If the mildew or other dirt is too hard to remove, you can use some mild detergents to clean them from the shade sail. However, make sure you’re not using strong detergents with rough chemicals such as halogens and sulfur. Water treated with chlorine also needs to be avoided. Instead of using harsh chemical detergents, consider using mild dishwashing soap as they are great for removing dirt and stains without causing damage to the shade sail and fabric.

Consider Checking the Fabric

Consider checking the fabric to find patches or weak spots. The patches on the shade sails imply that a specific part of the fabric has been damaged and if not treated immediately, they will become a big hole. Remember that one single hole in the shade sail will make it unattractive as well as less effective. Hence, if you notice patches, contact the supplier so that they can provide a proper solution.

Apart from the fabric, you should also look at the edges of the sun shade sail. While checking, consider looking for the signs of tear and wear or other types of loosening in the threads.


These tips will help you to maintain your outdoor sun shade sails. If you want to enhance the longevity of your shade sails, don’t neglect the proper maintenance process. The process is hectic, but this is the only way to ensure the functionality of your sun shade sails.

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