Top 5 Benefits of a Pharmacy Inside a Clinic

Your medical therapy’s success depends on the accuracy of the process, from when your doctor sends you to a pharmacy to get some medications to when you take the medications correctly. However, some errors can occur, which is why the providers at Calvary Urgent Care have given you access to a pharmacy in the clinic to improve accuracy. A pharmacy in Humble can help you with all your prescription medication needs as it is a full-service pharmacy. This has come with several benefits, as outlined below.

1. It Offers Maximum Convenience

As you may have experienced, meeting your medical needs typically involves making several trips. The first is for your doctor to receive a diagnosis for your condition and get prescriptions to manage it. From there, you have to make another trip to the pharmacy, which may not be near the hospital, to get the medications. You can imagine if a problem arises with the prescription, if your pharmacist can’t contact your doctor, you will have to go through the trips all over again.

Having a pharmacy on-site gives you a one-stop convenience as you will have all your problems solved before you leave the clinic.

2. It Creates a Complete Information Environment

When you leave your doctor’s office, you only have the basic information about your prescription. This is unfortunate as you require more information to help you adhere to the prescribed medication. Having an on-site clinic corrects this problem as it allows you to meet your pharmacist immediately after leaving the exam room. This connects your doctor’s information to that of your pharmacist, giving you all the necessary information you need to adhere to the medications.

3. It is an Additional Watchdog

As noted, some medication errors can arise in the process of prescribing and accessing the medications. These errors can affect you and your pharmacists and can affect the effectiveness of your medical therapy. When your pharmacist is just around the clinic, it becomes easier for them to consult your doctor effectively and immediately, and the errors can be corrected. This means that you leave the clinic with your problems completely solved, and medication misuse liabilities are reduced.

4. It Improves Adherence to Medication Therapies

It is a fact that you can enjoy better outcomes with improved adherence to medication. Besides, it also reduces your treatment cost as it reduces your chances of hospitalization and emergency care and reduces the risk for some health complications. According to research, an enhanced patient-pharmacist relationship can improve medication adherence, and an on-site pharmacy provides this.

5. It Secures Your Wellbeing

The health and safety of any patient is the first propriety of any provider. You can then imagine a case where you are seeking help, and you had to arrange for transportation, and now you have to take another trip to a pharmacy. Sometimes it can make your condition worse or make it difficult to take your medications on time. However, having an on-site pharmacy will save you the extra trips and enable you to get your prescription needs fulfilled while still at the clinic. This means that you will leave the clinic in one visit with your medications, and you will take the medications on time.

As you can see, having an on-site pharmacy has a bunch of benefits for you. Therefore, it is good to seek medical care from providers who can offer such amazing services. At Calvary Urgent Care it is even easier as your provider sends your prescription electronically to your pharmacist, where you only have to head over to the pharmacy and pick the medications. For any medication needs, you can schedule a pharmacy consultation or walk-in during business hours.