TOP 5 project developers in the NFT market

Designing your own project in the NFT space is a unique chance for young entrepreneurs to gain valuable experience in a rapidly growing market and earn their first capital. Like everything new, NFT technology goes through a series of transformations. It has its own charm and advantages. If investment in real estate is a long-studied segment, then NFT attracts with its still “empty” niches. UAStar will help you understand this topic.

Today, every young artist, designer, developer of computer games or applications can sell their digital assets by creating and linking NFT tokens to the posted files. In short, the token does not represent the subject of sale itself, but only refers to the owner of the digital asset. This has its own plus. The owner remains the copyright holder even when he gives the item to another owner for the purpose of replication, commercial profit, or for everyday use.

If even a novice user can handle the creation of the tokens themselves for the laid out digital assets, then the help of the developer team will be required to properly configure the NFT platform, promote and attract customers on a large scale. Or, to put it simply, you need to find a competent contractor with a positive experience in the NFT market.

Infinite block tech team

The visiting card of the agency is innovative solutions for consumers for a wide range of business tasks. Experience in the blockchain market allows developers to offer individual solutions with a completely unique design, showcase, interface and stuffing. The team has proven itself in various NFT industries: smart contracts, e-wallets, token collections, and other blockchain-based applications.

Antier Solution

The company is known for its development of banking applications for secure payment transactions with cryptocurrencies. The developers offer their services and original banking software, which contains all the necessary functions for receiving and sending cryptocurrency payments, trading in the NFT markets based on the white label platform. Companies and investors who want to create their own registry of digital assets can use the white label solution and launch a startup in the blockchain goods format in a short time.

Antier Solution branded software is reliable, highly secure and can provide a seamless experience in digital financial transactions.


Chain Cella

So far, the only development group that specializes in designing marketplaces in the NFT space. The presented company has the most positive experience in the NFT platform market. The company profile covers all related services for the design and deployment of an NFT site in any segment: art and collectibles, paintings, images, photos, 3D layouts, games, applications, music and much more.

Chain Cella positions itself as a contractor for small start-ups as well as for large investment projects. But the stated sales philosophy is based on the principle of wide availability and popularization of the advantages of the NFT space. You can find more info from the employees of the profile company.


An actively developing company in the market of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Founded back in 2015 in India, the service firm quickly gained popularity among digital currency advocates. The list of the company’s achievements includes more than a dozen large-scale projects in the market of platforms and banking applications with integration to cryptocurrency wallets.

Most of the company’s projects are based on the OpenSea platform. In fact, developers have been designing their products since the launch of the now famous financial environment. If you need a project to run on the OpenSea platform, Appinventiv is the best performer.

Kody Technolab

A confident and reliable contractor in the segment of the development of high-performance banking applications. The portfolio of developers includes many trading platforms that support blockchain technology. The company’s calling card is user interfaces and site design in the NFT environment with subsequent support, service and promotion services.