Top 6 Services You Can Get From a Women’s Health Visit

From the concept of procreation to child caregiving, women play a significant role in shaping the future generation’s health. As a result, they face a wide range of health issues that may interfere with their intellectual, mental, social, and physical wellbeing. The excellent news is specialists like Dr. Albert Scott at Dekalb Women’s Specialists have come forward to address their problems to guarantee a healthier generation. Here are the top services you can expect from a women’s health facility.

1. Menopause

Menopause is a stage that marks the end of menstrual periods, marking the end of procreation in a woman. For some women, it can be a trying time considering the uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, women specialists have a wide range of menopausal treatment solutions to help them navigate the better years of their lives.

2. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a type of condition that develops when a woman’s uterine tissue grows outside the womb. Since it is one of the leading causes of infertility, many women risk losing out on the beautiful feeling of conception and childbirth. When left untreated, the damages endometriosis causes can extend to other reproductive organs leading to more complications. Early detection and treatment can increase a woman’s chances of conceiving and giving birth.

3. Pregnancy

Trying to get pregnant and being unable to carry it to full term can be devastating for any woman. The risk factors for pregnancy-related conditions range from hormonal imbalances, genetic factors, and lifestyle habits. If you are pregnant and want to give birth to a healthy baby, work with your gynecologist or obstetrician to have a smooth journey.

4.  A well-woman exam

Women specialists do not address reproductive health issues alone. Instead, they also take part in well-woman exams to ensure their patient’s reproductive and sexual health is in order. Sometimes, you do not have to wait until you sense some discomfort or experience pain to see a doctor. Make it a routine to see your doctor to assess your body to rule out any potential complications in the future.

5. Birth control

Birth control options come in variants of pills, IUD, injections, and implants. Women respond differently to birth control methods depending on their hormones. If you want to know what type of birth control solution is right for you, schedule a consultation with your gynecologist. Most likely, your doctor will conduct a physical exam, study your medical history, and explore your genetic factors to determine what type of contraceptive will be suitable for you.

6. General gynecological services

Gynecological services are designed to help women carry through their reproductive and sexual life with ease. Whether you suspect that you have developed an STI, pelvic pain, or abnormal bleeding, your gynecologist is the best person to establish the cause and provide treatment options for you.

See a women’s health expert and gain complete control of your reproductive health

As a woman, knowing what is happening to your body is your prerogative. Women’s health is more than addressing your current condition. It also safeguards your health to improve your quality of life. To learn more about women’s health services, book an appointment online with a gynecologist today.