Top 7 Dog Breeds for Families With Young Children

Getting a family pet is a decision that many families make every day. Over seventy percent of American households have at least one family pet. While some people prefer cats, the family dog is the clear front runner regarding pet preferences. Having a family dog in the house benefits children, from companionship to protection.

While many already have a breed in mind, others may struggle to decide which dog breed will be the best fit for their family’s lifestyle. There are many things to consider when adopting a dog and if you’re looking for suggestions on what type of dog you should consider, keep reading for the top dog breeds for families with young children. 

English Bulldogs 

The squishy-faced English Bulldog can be a great pick for the family that enjoys spending time indoors. While English Bulldogs are fiercely loyal and protective, they are still laid-back dogs that require little exercise and play. Bulldogs only need about twenty minutes of exercise per day, with a maximum of forty. They enjoy simple play like tug of war which is a great game for young children. Most of all, they want to cuddle and sleep!

Black Mouth Cur 

The Black Mouth Cur is a dog breed known for its high energy and affection. This beautiful dog is sensitive and playful, so they are a great fit if you have children in the five to ten-year range. Known as a working breed of dogs, they need to exert themselves frequently. If you live on a large plot of land or enjoy spending time in the great outdoors as a family, the Black Mouth Cur is a great fit. 


Whether you are team Labrador or Golden Retriever, these large and loyal dogs are like walking hugs. The retriever is just as happy curled up at the bottom of the bed as it is running through fields. Retrievers are gentle giants who know how to play gently with even the smallest children. They live long lives when properly cared for and don’t bark unless necessary. For a good reason, retrievers are one of the most popular family dog breeds!


Another large breed, the Newfoundland, is known as a great family pet because of its strength as a companion animal. Newfoundlands are known for their sweet nature, tenderness, and their loyalty. This breed can get quite large, with an average height of 28 inches and weight between 120 and 150 pounds! If you live in a large house with enough room for a dog of this size, your kids will enjoy their intelligence and loyalty. 


Pugs are adorable and can be a sweet and mischievous addition to your household! You may think a house with young children doesn’t need any more mischief-making, but the sweet nature and loyalty of the pug are worth it. Pugs are also quite small, which makes them a perfect fit in a smaller townhome or apartment. They can be quite noisy, like the English Bulldog, but their compact little body has a lot of love and tenderness. Pugs are known to live around 15 years which means there is plenty of time to make lifelong memories with them as your family pet. 


Beagles are one of the most even-keeled dog breeds, making them a sweet and patient addition to a house that often feels full of chaos from the children. Beagles are medium size dogs making them easy to travel with on family vacations and cuddle comfortably on the couch during family movie nights. Beagles are known for their friendly and curious disposition, which perfectly matches young children. They’re also easy to care for, making them great dogs to teach responsibility to children. 


Bring Lassie home by choosing a Collie as your family’s pet. Collies are highly intelligent and very active dogs. If you and your family are looking for the perfect dog to play frisbee or fetch with, the Collie is your answer. Collies enjoy being vocal at home, so they may not be a good fit if you’re looking to keep your house quiet. Generally, they are healthy dogs that only need occasional grooming. 

Finding the perfect dog with your family can take some searching, and it’s never a bad idea to check local shelters or foster groups to see if there is a rescue that could be a great addition. Whatever you take to finding your furry family member, it’s worth considering the above breeds for their temperament and other traits. When choosing the right pet for your family, there are many things to consider, but all of these breeds would do great with young children.