Top-notch Ideas for Recyclable Materials

For some people, when they see trash, they see garbage that needs disposing of. Others see it as an opportunity to express their creativity and make a buck. The adage says one man’s trash is another’s treasure. If you have a creative and entrepreneurial mind, you can take advantage of recyclable materials and make them unique pieces of art that you can sell for a profit. 

Recyclable materials are a treasure trove of resources for people who intend to express their creativity. They see things differently and can turn them into reality. While people can source materials from their backyards and neighbors, other entrepreneurial types can do dumpster diving to scrounge up additional resources. Others turn to their local recycling facilities, such as Langley Recycling, for great deals on aluminum cans and other similar materials. In addition, these recycling industry partners typically entertain requests from artisans and other interested people for such materials. 

Here are some great ideas for recyclable materials.

Toilet roll bird feeders

This is a simple but functional idea for spent cardboard toilet paper rolls. Instead of throwing them immediately, roll them in peanut butter or any sticky edible substance and sprinkle bird feed onto them. Punch some holes so you can hang them on branches. Watch as birds have a great time picking the bird seeds. You can turn your garden into a bird paradise easily. 

Hanging planters 

If you have several plastic water bottles for disposal, you can turn them into hanging planters easily. With some creativity, you can put together a few of the water bottles with cable ties and paint them. Then, you can fill them with cocopeat, loam soil, and other organic materials and efficiently cultivate vegetables and ornamental plants. You can even create several of these planters based on a theme and turn your backyard or front lawn into a reflection of your artistic tendencies. 

Wine bottle garden lights

If you’re pretty handy with electric lines, you can use empty wine bottles and create fairy garden lights. You can vary the colors of the wine bottles and use LED lights to create a terrific output. Then, you can either hang them or space them out along pathways to illuminate the way. It’ll be a great addition to your driveway or backyard. At the very least, they’ll be great conversation starters when you entertain people. 

Create portable seating

If you have access to old tires, you can turn them into durable furniture. Cover the hole with sturdy plywood and enough padding and fabric to make it a cushion. You can paint old tires and use them as outdoor seating for the garden. 

Drum planters 

If you have some old drums, you can create planters with them. You can cut them in half and place some holes for drainage. You can spot-weld legs and place the necessary soil components to cultivate ornamental plants or vegetables. Paint the exterior part, and your yard will have durable planters. 


Recyclable materials are great resources for expressing creativity. People can upcycle and create new functional products with a wealth of recyclable materials.