Top Signs That Your Senior Needs Help

As people age, admitting that they need assistance and accepting it is easier said than done. It becomes a challenging decision to make if your aging parent or loved one needs help considering they may not even tell you. Most, but not all, seniors always desire to remain independent and control their lives for as long as possible. Most of them tend to downplay or hide issues they may be going through until an accident happens or a sudden decline in health that finally reveals the need for assistance. Luckily, with geriatric in Chamblee, the elderly can get the help they need from a professional caregiver.

The decision to have your senior taken care of might not be straightforward, but it is the right one. It might be a massive challenge, but if you notice any of the following signs, you should get your seniors the assistance they deserve:

Difficulty managing self-care

If you notice poor hygiene, sloppy dressing, and unkempt appearance, your elderly one may not be in a position where they can take good care of themselves, more so if they have always been tidy their whole life. Such a drastic change should catch your attention and drive you to seek a solution. Likewise, check to see if the home is being kept up. For instance, check if the bills are getting paid, light bulbs are working, appliances are clean, and if they can go to the grocery store or drugstore. Any changes in these situations could give clues to their health and give you an excellent reason to take action.

Memory loss

If your senior exhibits forgetfulness or other behaviors associated with memory loss, it could signify that they need geriatric services. For instance, if they are not keeping up with mail and bills, missing crucial appointments, increased confusion, and forgetting to take medicine when they are supposed to, those are key indicators that your lovely elderly one could use some assistance. They need extra help even if they try to convince you they are okay.

When they can no longer drive safely

Driving is one of the ways of showing how independent someone is. However, there comes a time when your senior faces age-related conditions which make it impossible to drive safely. If you notice that your elderly loved one can no longer drive like they used to, get them help to avoid putting themselves and other road users in danger.

Change in behavior

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one has become anxious, irritable, and depressed? Do they have problems remembering names, places, and current events? Such changes always indicate something is wrong and the sooner you seek help from a geriatric specialist, the better.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary from your senior, do not brush it off. Pay close attention to see what could be wrong, and if senior care is the best course of action, do not think twice about it. Even in their elderly years, our seniors deserve a quality life, and we are responsible for making sure that happens.

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