Typography in Modern Web Design: Top 4 Aspects you Need to Know

Dubai is seen by many as the ultimate hub of business not just in the UAE but the entire Middle East. While you will have good opportunities in some of the other cities in the region, the scale of the market in Dubai is something to marvel at. And that’s why many businesses/individuals try to start their ventures from here.  

For a great-looking online presence, a perfect web design complementing the product is necessary. There are certain aspects for which companies, especially startups and small ones, don’t dare to look for a premier design company and go for freelancers/unknown companies. If you think that it is all about a great looking landing page or home page, think again as many aspects like typography, logo and color are also important.

Let me offer you 4 reasons related to typography so that you can have an idea about how and why it affects the end user and make them stay on a website for a long. 

1. Branding

Through typography, you can come up with distinct design for your website. Don’t ever go for a run-of-a-mill design that would feel like just another template of WordPress. Or just a rehash of thousands of the most popular websites we see daily. Through great typography, you can engage your audience with a design and layout not visible anywhere else. 

Use of images and graphics need to be perfect here for. Remember that it is you who are interested in the all traffic, leads and sales, not your end users. You need to take care of every aspect minutely so that in the end, your website can turn into a real brand for you. 

2. Cheer up the Mood

You can easily cheer up the mood of a visitor with a light-hearted theme or a bold one for a more mature audience. Don’t ever think of typography as a design element that is unnecessary. If you can bring a smile to the face of a few visitors each day, your goal of attracting a good traffic will be accomplished. No one wants to look at a boring message urging him to buy a product. Give your audience something to laugh about or bring a smile on their faces and you will see positive results for yourself. 

3. Encourage Reading

While you may think that is opposite of what I have just described, in fact it isn’t. Here, I am emphasizing on the fact that you need to use typography and offer a message that the user will be inclined to read. Of course, it will be related to your product, but you need to use the art of storytelling here. Just like you are trying to make things work for you through apt typography, in the same way, encourage your readers to read your message. 

A website is not just for offering great graphics, images and videos to your visitors. Words are powerful too and they can create the hammer-strong impact a company needs. You just need to put the right words in the right place. How the words, or your message appears on the screen will have a great impact on anyone looking at them. Make your choice well, and you will hit the bull’s eye for sure. 

4. Accessibility Option

Here we go. If you think I forgot to tell you about making a design or use typography to make things look compatible for users with some reading or listening deficiency, you were wrong. In fact, I have left this topic for the very last to make sure you read this in the very end and can remember this for sure (if not the whole article) Your choice of font plays a big role here in making things work for the user not able to use website like everyone else. 

Especially for the mobile, big, bold designs will make things work for you just the way you want it. For user experience, typography plays a pivotal role here to make things count for you. You need to ask this question form all the web design companies in dubai you are contacting for this purpose. And select the one which can make your typography do the talking. 

Over to you

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