What Are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are an order of steps recorded by a maker which can then be a replay and used to images over and over, without having to redo every step- they are a much time saver while it arrives at speeding up your workflow!

You can make various effects, associate steps and techniques, convert to black and white photos, resize photos for the web and print etc., using photoshop actions. You may either buy actions or record your own actions. Photoshop actions motivate you by assisting you in moving in the accurate direction and protecting you from vast time editing. Additionally, you have the capability to suit each step in action to pinch it as required for individual images.  

Photoshop Actions for Beginners

What can you do using Photoshop Action? And what could you receive the time to set one up?

The Adobe help guide illustrates actions as the following:

An action is an order of works that you play back via a single file or a batch of files- tool actions, panel options, menu commands, etc. For example, you can make an action that alters the size of an image, uses an effect to the photos, and then save the images in the aimed format. 

Action may comprise steps that let you complete works that may not be recorded such as using a painting tool. Again, action can include modal controls that let you drive values in a dialog box when playing an action. 

Unnecessary to say, there is a lot you can do with it. Photoshop arrives preloaded with some basic actions, but there are many more- you can do almost everything that you can think of- you can download and install. Additionally, you can record things to make your own action all the time. 

The top reason to use Photoshop Action is they help to save a lot of time while it arrives in repeated tasks or editing styles. You can apply styles and save the desired file at a specific size with just a click.

How to Download Photoshop Actions

Downloading Photoshop actions is very easy. The most challenging part might be finding out the action that’s appropriate for your task. For this reason, start with a reputable and reliable source such as Envato Elements. 

Search the suitable action for your project and click the download button, which helps you save the file on your computer. Then save the file so that you can add it to photoshop and use it. However, here you can buy photoshop actions

Where Are Photoshop Actions Stored?

Do you worry about where you will store your downloaded photoshop actions? Don’t worry about it. Downloaded Photoshop Actions will store to the location you select. Most users want to move actions to the common location for easy finding and loading them afterwards. 

Photoshop Action will save as a .atn file type. Where they are stored are following:

  • Windows PC: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop\presets\Actions
  • And for Mac OS: Applications\Adobe Photoshop\presets\Actions

Actions are saved by file name in both locations. Moreover, for Creative Cloud users, the files are saved in the Creative Cloud File Sharing Folders so that actions can be attained anywhere you use photoshop. 

10 Photoshop Actions We Love

What makes an excellent photoshop action is the capability to use it repeatedly. These small tools are created to make your workflows ease and move more rapidly, so an action you exercise regularly is a great bonus. 

The following ten photoshop actions that we love and use regularly to perform our daily project.

Eyes Photoshop Action

Amazingly, this action offers you to change the colour of anyone’s eyes in a photo with a single snap. 

Instant Hipster Actions

This action provides multiple Photoshop Action that contains Instagram style filters. 

Double Light Photoshop Action

This double light action allows images a cool glow along with different light colours. 

Reduce Motion Blur Action

These actions help to reduce camera shake as well as blue with nifty Photoshop Action. 

Double Exposure Action

This action can make a trendy double exposure together with four multiple photo options. 

Colour Pop Action

This action assembles the colours in an image to create it more resonant without looking over-processed. 

Duotone Photoshop Action

This action helps to make a trendy two-colour image and comprise 50 image effect choices. 

Desert Dust Action

Desert Dust Action offers images an old-school sense along with a soft gold overlay. 

Gold 3D Action

Gold 3D Action makes a gold effect on the text of images which completes all the tasks in one click. 

Sketch Art Photoshop Actions

This action turns images into beautiful works of sketched art with different style options. 


Photoshop Actions are one of the most popular little tools that help save time and create definite types of photo corrections and edition of images with the gale. 

Whatever you make your own action or load or download from any source, this tool can be an expensive part of any designer’s workflow.