What are the Benefits of a 3D Digital CT scan?

Do you need dental treatment? Filling and dental implant procedures require x-rays to determine the target area and detect underlying ailments. Since accurate imaging is critical, some dental clinics have resorted to 3D digital CT scans. It can be new technology, but it has been able to catch eyeballs for its precision over traditional methods. Some patients can worry about this treatment. You can be one of them. However, the reason behind hesitation can be a lack of awareness about its beneficial aspects. If you want a proper treatment for your oral health, you can depend on this technology to support your needs. Dentists recommend it for various reasons.

Three dimensional

3D x-rays can be more powerful than 2D when it comes to details. Traditional methods only capture your teeth. A dentist can look into surrounding nerves, tissues, airways, and sinuses with this modern technology. A wholesome view of everything helps them with the diagnosis of any specific dental condition. A high-definition image comes in handy in revealing better details, leading to finding better treatments also. You can do the 3d scan at Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions for an experience.

Radiation level adjustment

X-rays usually expose patients to a massive amount of radiation. With a 3D CT scan, you can have a better experience. The settings can be suitable for kids to adults to seniors to ensure their health safety.

Quick and non-intrusive

In this procedure, you don’t have to insert any piece of plastic into your mouth. It can be a tiny tab, though. The device can take images of your teeth and gum in a snap. Within seconds, your doctor can figure out your problem and recommend a treatment.

Things to consider

As mentioned, traditional x-rays lacked details. They only gave a view of the hard tissue. But 3D imaging allows doctors to take a good look at the entire oral structure with connective tissues. While they focus on dental treatment, the images take care of precision and accuracy of details. A 3D dental scan can be painless. The beam rotates on your head when the device rests in a specific position while you usually remain seated. You may have to keep your chin on a platform so that they can fix the scanner at a suitable height. You only have to maintain calm and stay still during this. 

When the imaging process starts, your dentist can ask you to keep your face in the center and mouth aligned. They can use a strap to help your head remain in its position. Before doing anything, the team will ensure you are in the correct position.

Dental implants help you fight the issue of tooth loss. Without them, you can struggle to carry out even the primary activity of chewing and eating food. If your nourishment gets affected, your overall health might deteriorate. That’s why it is necessary to seek dental help on time and avoid any risks. With new and improved technologies, you can get quick relief from pain, discomfort, and other challenges.