What is a Challenge Coin and What Do They Mean?

Do you like collecting coins of any kind? In your collection, there must be a challenge coin, but you don’t know because you are not familiar with its significance. Right? 

Well, if you really don’t know what it is and why it is used, you will find it out in this piece of writing.

Basically, a challenge coin is used that represents any brand, organization, or team. This custom-made coin is designed for a team as evidence of membership. It also shows a sign of respect and honor. Police challenge coins are most common in the military; however, they have some other purposes as well.

They have different sizes, shapes, and designs based on the company demands and coins’ purpose. Anyhow, a team logo is always used in the manufacturing of custom challenge coins.  

What do Challenge Coins Represent?

As you know, challenge coins symbolize a team or organization; each coin has a different purpose. While manufacturing, a coin’s artwork includes a logo of the company, some important dates, history, or an event.

If you know how challenge coins came into being, you must have read a number of stories about why these coins become so worthy. Do you know Roman Soldiers were holding Bonus Coins on the front line that shows how daring they are?

Another remarkable incident drags out from World War I; that shows how a lieutenant made bronze coins for his squadron to explain his courage and identity. More incidents happened in history that explains how authority people made special coins to appreciate their juniors. These coins are basically a small token that increases the motivation and courage of the recipient.

Now, challenge coins have made history!

Customs of Challenge Coins

Receiving a challenge coin from the authority is an honor, indeed. Do you have enough knowledge about the significance of these souvenirs? If you know the correct usage of these small tokens, you should also know how to deal with important events.

Here are a few rules that you should know while playing with the challenge coin game.

  • Ensure that everyone understands the game rules and avoid shouting a challenge if the game rules are not cleared yet. 
  • The team should have coins all the time. You can call out challenges any time, anywhere. Just four steps are needed to get the coin.
  • Every rule of the game must be clear to the team, and everyone must know whether the challenge is made for one drink or more than one.
  • No person can repeat the challenge. And you should know that failing challenges will let you pay.
  • If the challenge is completed thoroughly, the challenger has to buy drinks. So be careful while challenging.

Design of the Challenge Coin

Well, you must have an idea about the design of the coin. It is the main thing because you get to know about the organization or group with the design. Similar to the purposes of the coins, shapes, and designs are also different. Some coins have artwork on edges, some have round shapes and others have smooth curved edges.

A challenging coin manufacturing group tends to make almost all kinds of coins just because of technological advancement. While ordering a coin, you should tell each possible detail so that the manufacturer knows what you want.

Styles of Challenge Coins

Typically, challenge coins come in round shapes with a diameter of 1.75” or 2” almost. As you know, challenge coins have successfully boosted their presence in the market; that’s why you have to be more creative and clever to get a unique design for your coin.

No matter what shape, size, or color you want your coin to be, everything is possible today. Your coins may have cutouts, round edges, holes in the center, and other creative designs. Making a challenge coin as a bottle opener turns the design uniquely. A bottle opener can be of any shape, size, or color.

How to Get a Challenge Coin

No matter how you get a challenge coin, you will be honored to have one. It all depends on the brand, company, or organization that might give coins to you.

The most important thing is that you have to appear as highly powerful and strong to get a genuine appreciation. As challenge coins are more prevalent in the military, you can get a coin if you become a member of the month or year.

Furthermore, you can have a coin if you struggle hard on the front line. Your efforts show how daring you are, and you will succeed on the battlefield, and a challenge coin will also be yours.