What is the Science Behind Vibrating Massage Machines?

Health and wellness technology has undoubtedly advanced in many ways over the past few years. The interesting thing is that these technologies keep on improving each year. The improvements include many new features and user benefits.

You have probably heard of vibrating machines if you are into such technologies. Learning the science behind how vibrating massage works can have many benefits, aside from improving your physical health. You will use these machines safer, for longer, and for the right applications.

How Does a Vibration Therapy Machine Work?

It’s a machine that features a vibrating platform that sends oscillations to the body muscles. These machines fall under two categories: localized and whole body. Below is a quick rundown of what to expect from the two:

  • Localized – for the localized approach, you place a handheld vibrating machine on specific body parts. For instance, you might put it on your shoulders or calf muscles.
  • Whole-body – you may have to lay, sit or stand on a machine with a vibrating platform. You may also need to lay on your back on the given machine.

Once the machine starts, it starts sending vibrations throughout your body. The goal is to contract and relax the muscles. Furthermore, some specific vibration types might cause the body to produce “osteoblasts.”

Osteoblasts is a technical term for body cells that help in bone development. The intensity level and direction might determine the effectiveness of the therapy. Usually, these machines produce different vibration types. 

The specific type of vibration might be suitable for different instances such as fatigue, physiotherapy, muscle recovery, and more. That said, many practitioners prefer the up and down vibrations because they provide excellent muscle contraction results.

Using vibration machines might seem straightforward, but it also requires caution. For instance, users with health issues such as heart complications or pregnant ladies must consult doctors before using the machines. 

Benefits of Myostorm Vibrating Machines 

Initially created for Russian astronauts who suffered from bone loss issues, vibrating machines are common in therapeutic projects. Learn more here to find the best Myostorm vibrating machine for you. A few benefits of using the types made by the Myostorm brand include:

  • It’s a famous brand – Myostrom, started with the help of professional athletes in 2016. The company is renowned today for producing high-quality products.
  • Muscle pain and strength – the vibrations such as massage machines target the muscles, providing relief. Such a benefit makes it popular among professional athletes.
  • Bone loss – the vibrations from the machine help boost bone strength and development. However, this function requires additional support from a medical professional.
  • Improve health and wellness – these benefits include improving circulation, metabolism, and more.

There are various ways you can use vibrating massage machines to boost your overall health and wellness. However, learning the science behind how these machines function is an essential step. The main reason is the different capabilities and applications the machines have. 

While most of these machines seem complex, we can simplify their functions into simple steps that are easy to understand.