What Literature Will You Use in 2023

Too many individuals nowadays think that literature is unimportant or underestimate its ability to endure time and provide us with valuable information. There is a social stigma that suggests that those who are more interested in mathematics and science will be more happy and successful, while those who are more interested in literature and other creative forms will be doomed to a daily existence of low-paying employment and unfulfilling careers. Our society had come to believe that literature is unimportant at some point.

Why is Literature Important?

Literature provides us with a portal to learn about the past and broaden our knowledge and awareness of the world. So, let’s see why literature is important in our lives.

  • Expanding horizons

Literature opens our eyes and allows us to see more than what is visible from an outside perspective. We begin to study, discuss issues, and develop our gut feelings and instincts as a result of this. We broaden our horizons.

  • Helping us build critical thinking skills 

We learn to read carefully as we read. We’re taught to look for symbols, connect the dots, identify themes, and learn about the characters. Reading enhances these abilities, allowing us to examine a sentence with a greater feeling of fine detail, as well as recognize the value of hidden meanings in order to reach a conclusion.

  • Analyzing the past

Literature is inextricably linked to history.  Power conflicts, wars, titles, and dates aren’t the only things that make up history. It’s about individuals who come from a certain era and who have their own identities. The world today is not the same as it was back in the 1500s; individuals have changed dramatically. We just wouldn’t know about our history, our relatives, or the people who have come before us and trod on the same soil as us if it weren’t for literature.

  • Appreciating various cultures across the world and personal beliefs

Reading about politics, sociology, or spirituality is a good way to learn about various cultures and beliefs. It enables you to comprehend and encounter these other communities and universes. We receive a glimpse from the inside gazing out, a personal perspective and access into someone else’s thoughts and thinking. It is something we can learn, comprehend, and appreciate.

  • Improving writing skills

Do you ever think to yourself, when you pick up a book and repeat the text and take in the information, how did they come up with this? So many of the writers, poets, and comedians drew inspiration from books.

  • Reconnecting with humanity

Poetry, essays, books, and screenplays all contribute to our understanding of human nature and the conditions that influence everyone. These could include the desire for personal development, uncertainties and concerns of victory and defeat, a need for more friends / relatives, the virtue of sympathy and respect, trust, or the acceptance of imperfection. We discover that routine isn’t always dull and that imperfection isn’t always terrible. We understand that life should be enjoyed to the utmost extent possible. Literature is necessary for us to reconnect with our own nature.

Now, let’s see what literature you should be studying this year, and how you can get started on it. 

What Literature Should I Study in 2023?

  1. Anthem by Noah Hawley

High schoolers, plagued by fear of the sorrowful world they will inherit, respond with a frightening protest group: mass murder or an act of collective resignation. Three unexpected teenage heroes fight back against the system.

  1. How Civil Wars Start by Barbara Walter

Walter identifies the warning signals of public unrest, claiming that the US has devolved into an anocracy a hybrid of democracy and autocracy. Walter contends that, among other things, preserving the right to vote, revising finance laws, and controlling radicalism on social media will be necessary to bring the American experiment back from collapsing.

  1. Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

The importance and necessity of literature cannot be overstated. It allows us to grow, strengthens our thoughts, and allows us to think creatively – which is why this book is such an amazing novel, an actual story of justice and redemption. If you feel like you haven’t explored enough just yet, check out some effective essays about Just Mercy. They’re free and you could get inspired by the author’s opinion on the topic. While this useful site is not a writing tool, you can still check out narrators’ essays and motivate yourself to write an excellent paper. The more one person reads, the better.

  1. Notes on an Execution by Danya Kukafka 

Why do we look for purpose in the existence of aggressive criminals while ignoring women’s lives who bear the burden of violence? This book is quickly becoming a modern classic, brimming with righteous rage and radical compassion at the same time.