What you should consider while opting for a mobile data plan?

These days, you do have a few choices when searching for a mobile data plan. However, if you go through the technical jargon of the carriers, you will not understand much.

Rather than doing so, you have to go through the things which we will highlight below. But, first, we will highlight the things you should consider while opting for a mobile data plan in Singapore.

Once you take these factors into account, choosing the right mobile data plan becomes easy.

1. Data limit:

Firstly, you have to look at the data limit.

If you plan on using the mobile data plan throughout the month for streaming, messaging, and business needs, you need data of at least 8 GB to 10 GB. This is assuming that you do not have access to any other broadband connection.

Of course, if you stream a lot, it is good to go with the unlimited plan. Thus, you have to look at the limit of the data on offer and then take a call.

2. Average speed:

You have to first and foremost look at the network of the carrier. If it offers 4G connectivity, you can quickly get speeds up to 20 Mbps or more. In that case, you can use it for streaming as well as various other purposes.

If you get access to a 5G network, you can get speeds upwards of 40 Mbps.

In that case, you can use it for video conferencing, gaming, and so on.

You take into account the average speed of the data plan and then take a call.

3. Cost:

There are some plans which offer you unlimited data. However, when you look at their cost, you will have to shell upwards of 80 Singapore dollars every month. That is not feasible for an average person.

You have to take into account the cost of the plan as well.

It should offer value for money. Only, in that case, you can opt for that data plan.

4. Validity:

Some people do not prefer to recharge their mobile data again and again. If you’re one of them, it is a good idea to go with a quarterly plan.

With ample data limit and a quarterly plan, you need not worry about recharging it again and again.

Therefore, the longer the validity, the better it is.

Validity is another benefit. Normally speaking, the plans which will provide longer validity offer more value for money as well. That is why; it is a win-win situation.

5. Customer support:

Sooner than later, you might have to contact the customer support of the carrier. It can be due to slow down or speed or a problem in network reception or something else like recharging your plan.

Only when the carrier’s customer support is up to the mark can you get your queries resolved. Otherwise, it will become really difficult for you to solve your problem.

You have to consider the quality of customer support of the carrier before opting for such a plan.

Once you consider these five things, choosing the mobile data plan in Singapore becomes easy. Instead of getting confused among the jargon, it is a good idea to consider these 5 factors.