What’s a buyer persona, what are OKRs and how they can both help you sell more

Are you looking for ways to sell more and grow your business? Read on to learn how buyer personas and OKRs can work together to maximize your growth. 

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is an idea of the qualities that make up your ideal customer. It is a representation gathered from research based on targeting information like demographics and other attributes. The purpose of a buyer persona is to help identify customers who may want to partake in the products and services you have to offer. You can use buyer personas to gather candidates for positions and to determine your ideal customer. Another main focus of a buyer persona is learning why they would choose your business over competitors. You can look into your customer’s life and brainstorm ways your business would benefit them. In addition to targeting the right audience, your buyer persona helps you create your marketing and sales campaigns. Knowing more information will give you more ideas about how to market in ways that gain interest. About 80% of customers remain loyal to brands they identify with. Customers like to feel understood, and businesses that consider the buyer persona are more likely to create that sense of validation for customers. 

What are OKRs?

OKR is an acronym that stands for objectives and key results. Objectives are general desires a business wants to fulfill. Key results are the numerical indications that inform a business whether or not they are succeeding. Individuals work within a company towards the larger goal creating a sense of unity in the workplace. OKRs can be paired with a buyer persona to generate sales and grow business. Learn more by reviewing this example:

Learn More by Example

Suppose you own a gender-neutral skincare line and want to cater to a more extensive customer base. You might research the scents and texture preferences of younger generations regarding their skincare cleansers. Say you find that people generally prefer menthol-infused products over botanically-infused products. You can then cater your key results to this finding. 

Objective: To identify skincare preferences for Millennials and Generation Z customers. 

Key Results:

1). Identify competitor products that use menthol. 

2). Research the most common cleansers that pair their ingredients with menthol. 

3). Create a branding strategy to promote gender-neutral menthol-infused skincare products. 

You can systematically tailor your buyer persona so that you don’t miss any qualities that could break potential sales. Your research will likely be driven by various demographic and characteristic information. This information can serve as your objective portion of the strategy. Once you have identified the answers to these questions, you can create key results by considering ways to cater to these findings. 
By pairing two well-regarded strategies together, you are more than prepared to sell products and services. You will have a clearer indication of who your target audience is as well as a roadmap to maintain their interest.