Where to Find the Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Sale

Many of us have vacuum cleaners in our homes; they are really useful equipment, particularly for quick and easy cleaning. But home dust cleaners are not suitable for industry. However, industrial vacuum cleaners are helpful for industrial applications. If you own an industry and are worried about the dust and fume emitted from industrial operations and looking for a cost-effective vacuum cleaner solution, then this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you where to find the best industrial vacuum cleaners for sale

The history and development prospect of industrial vacuum cleaner

There is a vast range of industrial and home vacuum cleaners, but they are the result of extensive research and development rather than an overnight discovery. The vacuum cleaner has a long history dating back to the nineteenth century. In every aspect, today’s industrial vacuum cleaners are products of the industrial revolution. Let’s take a glance at a brief history of vacuum cleaners:

1. In 1860, Daniel Hess invented the “Carpet sweeper,” a mechanical device for cleaning floors.

2. In 1869, Ives W. McGaffe invented “Whirlwind,” a hand-powered belt-driven fan.

3. Hubert Cecil Booth created the first vacuum cleaner in 1901, and it worked on the same concept as the one we use today. The machine, however, was so large that it had to be pulled by a horse and could not enter houses.

4. In 1905, Walter Griffiths invented the first vacuum-cleaning machine that was also portable. 

As a result of these successions of breakthroughs, several scientists contributed to the machine’s progress. Now we have the greatest industrial vacuum cleaners, which are powerful and compact at the same time. 

The working principle of industrial vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can pick up practically everything, including fine powder, abrasive, explosive media, trash, non-free flowing media, poisonous media, coolant, oil mist, welding fumes, and so on. The principles of both vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners are the same. Can you guess what it is? Bernoulli’s principle. Most of us have studied the principle in our college physics textbook. Can you recall the principle? It’s all right, don’t put pressure on your brain, I will tell you. According to this theory, when airspeed increases, pressure decreases. To equalize the pressure, air will move from a high-pressure location to a low-pressure one. A centrifugal rotating fan creates the pressure difference. A motor installed within the machine drives the fan. The industrial vacuum cleaners for sale create enough suction strength to pull in everything in its path in this manner.

Villo industrial vacuum cleaner (VS series – wet and dry vacuum cleaner) and its advantages

The industrial vacuum cleaners for sale include VS series. It is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner designed for industrial applications. It features a long-lasting stainless steel barrel, making it an excellent choice for high-precision wet and dry general cleaning. The industrial vacuum cleaners for sale are built to withstand continuous operation. It is made to provide a variety of benefits, some of which are given below for your consideration:

  1. Compact and mobile structure
  2. Two filter bag options
  3. Customizable voltage
  4. Pressure gauge to detect filter clogging
  5. Easy to operate
  6. Efficient working 
  7. Less-maintenance required 
  8. Cost-effective 

Why Villo is a good choice? 

If you’re hesitant about purchasing the Villo industrial vacuum cleaners for sale, let me persuade you otherwise. I’ll offer you four reasons why Villo is an excellent option for buying industrial vacuum cleaners for sale.

Variety of products

Villo, in addition to manufacturing quality industrial vacuum cleaners, also designs a wide range of other products, such as industrial dust collectors, industrial fume extractors, pre-separator, explosion-proof devices, and many more. 


Authoritative certified products

Villo holds many international quality management certifications and attestation of conformities. Their products meet the highest industry standards.  

Strong R&D capabilities and professional services

Villo has a team of R&D professionals who work day and night tirelessly to bring to you the cutting-edge technology a company can offer to you.  


Lastly, the biggest advantage is cost-effectiveness. Villo’s innovative industrial vacuum cleaners for sale are available in the most affordable price ranges. 
I am sure that you have decided to purchase Villo’s industrial vacuum cleaner. Villo is no doubt the best vacuum cleaner supplier. Contact them immediately to get Villo’s high-quality goods.