Which Electric Scooter is best?

More and more scooter manufacturers are coming onto the market with an escooter. E-scooter stands for electric scooter where the fuel motor has been exchanged for an electric motor and a battery pack. Escooters clearly have a number of advantages, which is that they require virtually no maintenance, are not susceptible to malfunction, and that driving electrically is much cheaper than driving on petrol. Now the question is which escooter is the best, and which one is the best to buy?

What do people find important about an e-scooter?

To determine which e-scooter is best, we will first look at what people find important. The first is reliability like of electric scooter with seat. After all, you don’t want to get stuck on the road with your two-wheeler because that is very annoying.  It will cost you around 50 euros per year, so the costs are not too bad.

With every two-wheeler you can end up with a breakdown, which is very annoying. This will cost you around 50 euros per year. On average, these need to be repaired less often and the scooters represent a better residual value. For reliable electric scooters, you can check out Cycleboard for more details.

On the second place people find it important that they can drive a lot of kilometers on a full battery. Charging every day is no action, because charging takes time. Before you buy an electric scooter, it is best to first check how many kilometers you are going to drive each day, and choose the escooter based on that. For example, if you drive 30 kilometers every day and the scooter can only do 65 kilometers on a full battery, it means that you have to recharge the batteries every 2 days. Charging takes an average of 6 hours.

The third find people charging convenience is an important point. Not everyone has an electrical outlet near the parking space of the e-scooter. Imagine you drive to work and your battery is almost empty. At work, you have to park the scooter in the bicycle shed and there is no power outlet nearby. What you want is to be able to remove the battery from the scooter and take it inside to charge it at your workplace so that you can go home again. 

In fourth place, driving behavior is important. Nobody wants a two-wheeler that doesn’t run smoothly. The seating position, comfort, steering behavior and road holding are points that determine driving behavior. As you would not expect from the Vespa otherwise, this scooter again scores the first place. The Ecooter E1 and the IVA E-GO S3 and S4 have a shared 2nd place. The Lifan takes 3rd place together with the AGM E-VX. The Gomax is technically more of a moped than a scooter and therefore not quite comparable to the handling of a scooter.

On the fifth place is the price important. You are often tied to a certain budget, unless you opt for leasing, because then you can often spend a little more because you then pay off per month. Leasing from us is simply buying on installment and you can also pay the accessories from windshield to helmet in installments.