Why Laser Gum Surgery Is More Preferred Compared To Traditional Gum Surgery

Gum disease can affect your overall health if left untreated. When seeking treatment, it is essential to evaluate all the options available and then choose the one that best suits your needs and goals. However, many people have been reluctant to treat gum disease through traditional gum surgery, even if it was the right treatment for their condition. With a less invasive way to treat gum disease, most people can now receive gum disease treatment, unlike before, where there was fear of several issues associated with this surgery.

Kaveh Kanani, DDS, is a Tarzana laser gum surgery specialist. He has extended this procedure’s benefits to patients at Around The Corner Dental Health Spa who prefer it to traditional gum surgery. Those who have undertaken the advanced treatment procedure can point out significant differences between laser gum surgery and traditional gum surgery, making it understandable why laser gum surgery is preferred.


When it comes to pain, all patients who have undertaken traditional surgery can only tell you that the procedure was painful. This is because the process involves cutting and suturing of the gums. On the other side, it is encouraging that only minimal discomfort is associated with laser gum surgery. In case you have anxiety about laser gum surgery, there are alternatives, such as sedation dentistry, that can help you relax before and during your procedure.


The traditional way of treating gum disease can result in a massive gum recession as the procedure involves cutting down the gum line and removing healthy tissues. In severe periodontitis cases, this means the recession can be so great that it actually exposes the tooth root. As a result, tooth sensitivity becomes extreme and can lead to further complications.

As an alternative treatment option, laser gum surgery is far less invasive and more selective on the targeted tissues; resulting in no significant gum recession.

Healing Time

For traditional gum surgery, you can expect weeks of healing and more discomfort, especially during the first few days after the operation, while laser gum surgery requires much less healing time than that of traditional surgery.

Lasting Results

Both treatment procedures offer long-lasting results depending on individual efforts to care for the gum and teeth and attending regular visits with the dentist. However, the laser procedure results are slightly better as they can kindle the root surface and promote restoration and connection of the gums to the teeth.

Other Complications Treated By Laser Gum Surgery

More cosmetic and restorative dental needs that can be addressed by laser gum surgery include:

·       Removing excess gum tissue

·       Treating tongue-tie

·       Treating infected implants

·       Removing growths

·       Performing a biopsy

Although not every provider offers laser gum surgery, you no longer have to undergo pain to treat your gum condition. With all the benefits you can enjoy through the laser procedure, you should consider seeking qualified service providers such as those at Around The Corner Dental Health Spa. You can now manage periodontitis in a better, comfortable, and more effective procedure than conventional gum surgery. 

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