Why people are flocking to Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has always been a great place to go on vacation, but why are people moving there? There are many reasons for this, I’ll list a few of the stand out things that give people the urge to move there. Just remember that some of the reasons are subjective and mostly appeal to the majority, not the minorities 

Condo quality

You could possibly say that Myrtle beach is the condo capital of the world. Having such a massive range of condos available it can be disorienting for some, but a dream for others. For a great example of what you can get, lets look at Island Vista condos for sale .I chose them for various reasons like the ability to cater to families whilst still having class. Island Vista resort Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer, one great aspect of the condos are the luxury on an ocean view, Something that isn’t rare on Myrtle beach but still great. With the larger units at Island Vista offering a jacuzzi and a walk in wardrobe, Im sure your needs will be fulfilled¬†


Imagine having well over 200 sunny days per year. This is something you most likely don’t have in your hometown, Sounds like another luxury right? At Myrtle beach it’s the norm, so expect to get a great tan and you can forget the winter jacket


Another reason why people come flocking to Myrtle beach is the prices are extremely reasonable. This attracts a lot of families looking for somewhere to get a little vacation without breaking the bank. Myrtle beach doesn’t just attract vacationers because of the low prices. It also brings in a lot of people to come and work and start a new life. With 7% lower prices than other states across the USA it will bring people from all walks of life

Medical care

Medical care is excellent in Myrtle beach, it’s actually one of the best in the South. So this not only makes it a great place to retire, it’s also a great place to bring up your children as you never know what could happen. Whether it’s just a little checkup or a large operation, you’ll be in great hands no matter what the circumstance is

Facilities and amenities 

So most condos will have a long list of amenities to offer you, also it being one of the number one places to take your vacation it’ll be well equipped. It’ll also exceed your expectations for sure. With facilities in condos from kids pools to heated pools and fitness centres to sports bars you can fill your boots with whatever you please whether you’re on a vacation or not

Time to wrap up

So I hope I’ve given you a little insight into some of the reasons why people are moving to the sunny south coast. Like I said, there are many more reasons. But those are to find out yourself