Why self-detox is not recommended by drug rehab specialist?

There are many ways to deal with drug addiction and all of those ways are given by drug rehab centers via medical health professionals and drug rehab specialists. All these ways that can really help a drug addict out are the ways that always work and have worked for decades or so. But there are people who still go for a treatment that is not recommended by any doctor, that is only recommended by people that do not know anything about drug rehab center and drug rehab treatments and drug addiction.

Why is the medical community always against self-detox? It is simple, self-detox has given the medical community many cases where the drug addict never truly recovers from his or her addiction. Why? Because these drug addicts do not have a proper schedule involved that they can follow. They do not have anyone to instruct them on what their triggers are, what they should avoid, why they need to do a certain exercise, why they need to eat certain foods now that they are drug addicts. What can help them truly recover from this addiction? And how they can handle their withdrawal symptoms? This is the hardest thing to do and is the most common reason why people actually go through relapse many times in their recovery process.

It should be noted that there is no shame in going through relapse, there are people who have gone through 8 relapses and have finally recovered, relapse is not the problem, the lack of motivation and disappointments of relapsing are the reasons most people give up. This happens a lot during self-detox, that people aren’t around professional staff that can help them counter their relapse which affects them in the long run.

Here are the reasons why specialists at Pembroke Pines drug rehab do not recommend self-detox.

There is no one to take care of you.

Of course there are family members, there are friends, relatives, but you have to think that “For how long will they put up with me?”, people tend to leave you when you are going through relapses after relapses and they won’t be there for long since you are not getting real treatment instead are relying on self-detox.

You can lose your life.

Self-detox involves withdrawal symptoms. There are not alternate medicines that can help the drug addict who is doing self-detox to lessen the symptoms of drug addiction withdrawal, this phase is where the advice of a professional really helps which is that one should not pay any heed to self-detox.

Self-detox will make you angrier.

Since there is no way to take care of the withdrawal symptoms, the drug addict can get angry at their siblings and family members and they might even hurt them with physical and verbal abuse. This can make you lose valuable relationships in your life. People will start to leave if you shout at them, make them feel guilty for trying their best to help you. This is where they might draw the line even more if it is about to lead to physical abuse. This is what you will realize that self-detox is not a real treatment, the real treatment is the treatment through drug rehab centers.

Therefore, if you are going through the addiction phase and have a hard time in accepting that you need help, then you need to get in touch with a drug rehab specialist who will help you understand the situation that you are in which is becoming harder and harder for you to talk about it. This is why self-detox is not needed, one should just go to a drug rehab center and get treated as soon as possible. So, if you want to make an appointment, then find more info here.