Why Should You Buy an Off-Road Vehicle?

If you are an adventurer and enjoy great outdoor activities, purchasing an off-roader will be a great idea to consider. Any off-road vehicle can handle the adventure level you are looking for. 

This article will tell you 5 Reasons why you need to buy an off-roader with different off-roading levels. Besides, there are some features to look at when buying an off-roader. 

What Is an Off-Roader?

Normally, people use an off-roader for their long journeys so you can refer to it as an adventure or overland car. Put it simply, you use these types of cars to drive on gravel or paved surfaces. 

Through these above functions, its look goes along with large tires, open and deep treads. It is even equipped with caterpillar tracks or a flexible suspension. Due to their versatility, off-roaders attract a lot of followers. 

Some Popular Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road motorbike

As you may know, there are a multitude of types that you can find on the market. The most well-known should be dirt bikes. They are particularly manufactured for off-road adventures. 

In terms of machines, off-roaders are lighter and simpler. Besides, its construction is rugged with no fairings, reducing damage in spills. With high ground clearance and a long suspension, it is understandable that many drivers are into off-road motorcycles. 

All-terrain vehicle

All-terrain vehicles can be a quad car, four-wheeler, RZR, or three-wheeler. As long as the vehicle has low-pressure tires, straddled seats, and handlebars for the steering control with a suitable set of off-road tires.

Three Levels of An Off-Roader

Level 1: Exploring dirt road

When getting straight to the trail, you might have to go over dirt roads, especially in mountainous conditions. To avoid unmaintained roads or mud, your car should have high ground clearance. 

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Many crossovers and stock SUVs are likely to handle these situations. They may navigate rocky stretches safely. Besides, it is recommended to choose the all-wheel-drive to get better traction for slippery conditions or even steep climbs. 

Level 2: Overlanding

If you are thinking about a journey to some remote location, four-wheel drive is the best option. This vehicle should include a low range so that it can plow through rock and loose dirt or climb steep conditions. 

Also, you had better prepare a strong shock absorber. By that, you can handle unexpected situations or increased weight better. 

Level 3: Crawling rock

Rock seems to be in the worst condition. During this most extreme form, a passenger will spot outside the car to instruct the driver. 

Thus, besides high ground clearance and low range, you might need a locking rear. This tool can help to improve traction in mud, loose gravel, and snow. 

Why Should You Buy an Off-Roader?

1. Flexibility

An off-roader is often big so it accommodates drivers and passengers with the extra room such as headroom and legroom. Also, some vehicles offer adjustable seats or boot space. 

For those who have babies or toddlers, you will need to install child seats inside your car. Think about an off-roader as it is usually easier for you to set up or remove child seats, increasing flexibility for your family. 

2. Reliability

It means you will get more reliable or even better traction. When driving in hazardous conditions such as rocks, ice, snow, or other scenarios, you may find it difficult to control. An off-roader can improve control and traction to help you handle the situation well. 

Usually, people opt for a 4-wheel drive as it can maximize stability and traction, especially in slippery and wet conditions. Yet, based on the model and manufacturer, you can switch between 4- and 2-wheel automatically. 

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3. Safety

Off-road vehicles often provide a better vision of the front roads or the roads behind as well. That means you can spot hazards easily. In addition, the weight of an off-roader adds extra protection to drivers as well as passengers in case of collisions. 

4. Capability

It is recommended that off-road vehicles can be used for any condition and situation. If you want to enjoy an exciting trip through muddy fields, an off-roader is a must-have. 

On the other hand, if you just want to climb and get on a journey to the mountains, an off-roader can handle it all. In general, with off-road vehicles, there will be less anxiety when driving in tricky road conditions. 

5. Capacity

Besides the benefits above, drivers can also take advantage of towing capacity from an off-roader. This feature can benefit those who like caravanning or camping. 

But, when towing, ensure that the caravan will not exceed 85% of the vehicle’s weight. Besides, searching and knowing how to tow a caravan safely have to be on the must-do list. 

What To Look at When Buying an Off-Roader?

High ground clearance

As mentioned above, this feature helps to minimize the damage and some risks. When driving off-road, you will encounter road bumps quite often. The underbelly of your vehicle will be scrapped to some extent, that’s why you should look at this feature first. 

In addition, you will get high seat positioning and more visibility. The only disadvantage might be the raised gravity. 

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Low range

The low-range case can pull your vehicle better when you drive up a steep condition. Even when you drive back up the hills, for example, you are still able to maintain your direction and speed without pressing the brakes. 

Torque power

This feature implies the twist ability of the car engine. Most off-roaders deal well with tricky terrains as they have a higher torque number. Yet, the torque output will be changed by many things such as the tire’s grip or ground conditions. 


Briefly, it is worthy to buy an off-roader to take exciting trips or even just please your dream of exploring tricky terrain conditions. As you can see, there are 5 reasons why you need to buy an off-roader. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more motivation and knowledge to seek a good off-roader.