Why some types of meat can be eaten as raw and some are not

Imagine you are visiting a restaurant for the first time and the meat that is being served in raw and you haven’t experienced it before. Well in America you will find out that sushi and oysters are served as raw, sometimes along with raw fish. So, the question is why can’t you eat chicken, meat, and pork in raw. The simple answer is because of numerous parasites and bacteria.

As you can safely eat raw fish but can’t eat meat in the same way. The nature of bacteria in meat is different than fish. It includes salmonella, flukes and virus hepatitis E that is found out in meat but there were no signs of it in fish. These kinds of microorganisms can be hugely threatening to humans Instead there is a different type of bacteria that occupies in fish. Are you wondering if you can order meat online, the good news is that there are various online options for an instant meat delivery in Dubai? Just checkout Weebly mobile app and order your grocery items now.

The way animals are butchered also has a role in the intrusion of bacteria.  The bacteria released after getting slaughtered may contaminate the meat. Can animals be infected from eating raw meat? Well, the animals produce several infections on eating the flesh of other animals. Eating it instantly can save them from diseases that are linked to the meat that is left for longer periods.

You would be curious whether you can eat raw meat are not but believe me the Europeans are already doing that.  Beef tartare is a popular dish in Europe that is being eaten massively. The actual essence of this dish is raw beef. The bacteria can’t lie on the outer surface of the beef if it is thick.  It gets into the inner layers and penetrates only in external layers. So, people tend to cook it from outside only while the inner remains intact. You can say it is quite safe to eat in that way rather than eating it without cooking at all.

When we talk about fish, then it is also being consumed as raw. Now people do like ordering sushi from restaurants along with other meals. The fish is mostly caught from cold waters and there are rare chances that it gets infected from parasites and bacteria.  After getting caught, it is brought to the get frozen. The freezing process kills those parasites if there are any.

In Japan, the raw chicken is commonly served with a special sauce. Without sauce, the chicken tastes unpleasant. Some restaurants tend to burn the chicken from outside. Though the chicken that is being eaten raw is not an ordinary one, it is a specific one that is fed a particular diet that kills the harmful bacteria all along.

Final words

It is ideal to cook the meat to make it easily digestible and to kill the bacteria that can harm you in a variety of ways. Meat when cooked contains fewer nutrients than the raw. Our early ancestors do hunt and eat raw meat, as their stomach might have adopted to quickly digest it. Perhaps our modern minds are tailored to eat food after cooking it properly.