Your Ideal Partner for Eye Complications

Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski in Bourbonnais continues to raise eye care standards within Illinois. At his practice, the doctor leads a proficient panel of experts in providing top-quality vision and eye care. Contact the offices for effective remedies to your eye problems.

Meet Dr. Rutkowski

To residents of Illinois, Nicholas Rutkowski is a compassionate, honest, and understanding optometrist who strives to place his clients’ needs first. In line with his role as the founder and lead optometrist at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D and Associates, the doctor excels in providing superior eye and vision care.

Dr. Rutkowski’s many services include contacts, eye exams, dry eye treatment, and red eye treatment. As one of the top eye doctors in Northeastern, Illinois, you can count on him for the best in eye care services.

Dr. Rutkowski attained his undergraduate degree in pre-medicine and biology at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. For his optometric degree, he attended Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. Since graduating, the doctor has focused on comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fitting, eye disease management, and pediatric eye care services. Also, he is a member of the Illinois Optometric Association and American Optometric Association.

Dr. Rutkowski understands the reputation of extremes in the optometric industry when it comes to eye care. Most patients believe you can either get the cheap and low quality or expensive top-quality care. At the practice, patients get a perfect balance, pocket-friendly top-notch care. During his free time, the doctor delights in reading, fishing, and cycling. He is a loving husband and a father of three.

Available Services

Dr. Rutkowski welcomes new and existing patients at all the locations of Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D and Associates for high-quality services such as;

Eye Exams Specialist

Routine eye exams by Dr. Nicholas focus on your eyesight and overall eye health. Your expert professionals apply the latest technology, such as advanced retinal imaging, to assess your eyes so you can enjoy sharper vision and good eye health.

Astigmatism Specialist

Do you have astigmatism? The fact is, you are not alone. Although mild astigmatism is not a serious problem, it is essential to seek expert help before the symptoms become too severe. Contact Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. for a tailor-made astigmatism diagnosis and treatment.

Contacts and Glasses Specialist

Are you considering contacts or glasses to improve your vision? The team at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D has all the solutions you need from the refraction exam and custom fittings.

Eye Health Specialist

Proper eye health is more than just acquiring new glasses or contacts. It is imperative to identify eye problems such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. Contact the dedicated team for help against all types of eye complications.

Dry Eye Treatment Specialist

Dry eye poses severe vision and eye complications globally. Lucky for you, you can choose not to live with hot, dry, and painful eyes. For the most effective dry eye treatment, contact Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D today.

Allergic Eye Problems Specialist

If you suffer from allergic eye problems, you are prone to red, watery, itchy, and sore eyes. Contact Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D to learn how you can leave those unpleasant eye symptoms behind.

For routine eye checks and top-notch eye care solutions, contact the offices of Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D and Associates. Call, or book an appointment online.