0961 What Network in the Philippines-Globe or Smart?

Are you wondering what the 0961 network is in the Philippines? Or you might have received a call or text from a number starting with 0961. The 0961 is a Smart Communication Network owned by a telecommunications company based in the Philippines. The Smart Network is one of the biggest telecom networks in the Philippines.

There are more than 30 million subscribers of the Smart Communication network in the Philippines. So, a country with a population of 113 Million and 30 Million people is using the same network, isn’t it the largest Network? Of course, it is and the users have appreciated it too.

The Smart Network is the largest telecommunication company and it provides numerous services. So, here we will elaborate on the 0961 Network and discuss its several benefits for the users. Let’s dive into the content to know more.

0961 What Network in the Philippines?

The 0961 is a prefix number and it is owned by a telecommunication company in the Philippines known as Smart Network. The Smart Network is the largest telecom company in the Philippines with more than 30 Million Subscribers and 6500+ employees nationwide. The Smart Network provides numerous services for the users.

Moreover, the Smart Network has numerous advantages too, for the subscribers or users. The 0961 Network has more than 17 different prefix numbers distributed within the networks. To verify a prefix or sim you need to check via your cell phone settings or check directly by searching on the Internet.

Is 0961 a Globe or Smart Network in the Philippines?

0961 is a Smart Network and it is not a Globe Network. The 0961 is a four-digit prefix number that is owned or given by the Telecom Company of the Philippines named Smart Network. There are more than seventeen prefix numbers of Smart Network and all are operated in the Philippines. 

The Smart Network or 0961 has a wide number of subscribers which is approximately 30 Million nationwide. In addition, the employees are also in the thousands, around 6500+. To call on the 0961 network via a foreign country users need to add +63 as an area code. Without the area code, the call will not be dialed.

Services of 0961 or Smart Network

The Smart Network offers a variety of services for users in the Philippines. The 0961 is also a SIM that is owned by Smart Network. The 0961 Network has Millions of users and thousands of employees with a wide range of services. Following are the services provided by 0961 Network of Smart:

Wide Coverage

The 0961 Network follows the wide network coverage in the Philippines. The Smart Network has spearheaded the advanced towers to ensure users with super fast and quick signals emitting. The network keeps users engaged with high-quality speed via wide coverage.

Affordable Top Ups

The 0961 is a Smart Network and it includes numerous Top Ups at affordable rates. The network provides several call bundles, internet bundles, and text bundles and all are at affordable prices. 

High-Speed Internet

The 0961 network follows the advanced technology towers that provide high-speed internet to the devices. The devices catch the signals coming from the towers and towers are made with the quick transferring technology. 

Expert 24/7 Customer Support

The 0961 or Smart Network has an expert team of customer support that answers the queries or questions asked by the users. The customer support of Smart Network replies within a short time to ensure an effective solution for the users.


Q: 0961 What Network?

A: 0961 is a Smart Network and it is a Telecom company based in the Philippines.

Q: Why is 0961 Called a Smart Network?

A: The 0961 network is called a Smart Network and it is due to the Smart Network owning this 0961 Prefix Number.

Q: How Many Employees Does Smart Network Have?

A: The Smart Network has a vast number of employees and it has approximately a verified number of 6500. 


Are you eagerly wanting to know 0961 what network? Did you just receive a call from a 0961 SIM? We want to let you know that 0961 is a Smart Network and it is based in the Philippines. The Smart Network number can be dialled as 0961234567 and from outside the Philippines, it can be dialled as +63961234567.

The Smart Network is a well-known telecom Company in the Philippines. Additionally, as it is the largest telecom network in the Philippines, 1/3 population of the Philippines uses this as a common network. The 0961 or Smart Telecom provides useful services for the users which makes an easy and affordable source of Network.

There are many other prefix numbers owned by Smart Network and all are serving as a reliable network. To know more about the 0961 network, simply read the entire above content.