Purchase Bitcoins with Credit Cards or PayPal Easily and Conveniently

The ruling cryptocurrency in the crypto world is bitcoin. Not only for the crypto world but, it is dominating the whole financial market of the world to a great extent. Every person has a minimum interest in the financial field or even a lot of common people are almost always talking about the crypto world. If you delve deep into the matter you will understand that secretly or openly everyone nourishes a desire to be the owner of a Bitcoin Trading Bots at some stage in life. Where the mistake lies if someone wants to tag along with the current trends? And the flow today indicates that Bitcoins are the future of the economic system of modern man. 

But, the fact is, a lot of people, follow the trend, diving deep without the proper information. Before getting into it, education on how to buy Bitcoins is the first thing you must have. 

Best Ways to Buy Bitcoins

Bitcoins can be purchased in 5 different ways which are enlisted below:

  • Financial apps
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Trading apps
  • Conventional brokers
  • Bitcoin ATMs

These are five basic ways in which you can buy the coins. Besides, you can also use blockchainjobz.com to buy coins. 

Buying Bitcoins with PayPal

PayPal is an online system that helps you to make payments online. It helps you to receive and send your money very securely and safely. For this, you must connect your bank account number with your PayPal number. Many apps and exchanges use PayPal to make Bitcoin or crypto purchases and transactions. 

It is a much popular payment gateway. Many online platforms and companies accept PayPal payments. This e-wallet has become very popular in recent times and so gradually most platforms are on the verge of accepting them. They have gained a lot of prominence in modern times as they are considered one of the legitimate means of payment for crypto purchases. 

But you must know how to use PayPal to buy your Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. They are a bit expensive to buy but you can remain assured that any kind of purchase, be it cryptocurrencies or anything out of that world is safe and secure. The system is a highly developed one that has come to be trusted by many today. 

Steps That Must Be Followed in Buying Bitcoins through PayPal

The steps when followed very carefully will help you to buy your Bitcoins very easily and conveniently with PayPal at your service. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: You first have to register with a cryptocurrency platform and link the PayPal system to it. Once you are registered with the platform, just press the button that says “Confirm”.
  • Step 2: Pay your funds into your PayPal account. For this when you are getting the necessary done, you must confirm to the platform that you want to but using PayPal. The minimum amount that you must enter is $10.
  • Step 3: When in the process, look up BTC when you want to buy Bitcoins. Then in the search bar simply feed “BTC” and then put your cursor on “Trade” and confirm it.
  • Step 4: Now you can buy your required Bitcoins. Just simply enter the amount of money that you want to assign to your investment portfolio. You will see an option that reads “Open Trade” which you must click on to confirm the trade.

Buying Bitcoins with Credit Cards

Just like you can satisfy your hunger for buying Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency with PayPal you can also buy them with credit cards. They are also relatively easy when you follow the steps that will be mentioned in some points here.

Steps That Must Be Followed In Buying Bitcoins with Credit Cards

Here is a guide on how to buy Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies with credit cards. The following are the steps:

  • Step 1: Create an account with whichever platform you wish to choose. Just click their “Join Now” button. Sign up with them using your email or any social media account.
  • Step 2: The account has to be verified with any valid paper that has been issued by the government of that particular country or proof of your residence.
  • Step 3: Now, by using your credit card deposit a minimum of least $10 amount in the account. It may vary from exchange to exchange or platform to platform.
  • Step 4: Buy your required Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency of your choice.


Here are the most simple and easy steps on how you can make purchases of Bitcoins. You can try using them. If you are searching for a reputable platform to start a bitcoin investment and a platform where you can use these payment methods you can visit blockchainjobz.com.