10 Best PC Games For College Students To Play In 2020

10 Greatest PC Games For College Students To Play In 2020

Playing PC games is one of the best ways to spend your free time after college. However, picking up an excellent game is often challenging. The choice is really amazing, but many alternatives might appear to be disappointing. How to choose the best PC game in 2020? 

Get some free time

College students are usually very busy and might fail to have lots of time for playing. Nevertheless, you can always get your papers done with the help of a reliable writing solution. By the way, you can read writepaperfor.me reviews or explore the freshest edubirdie reviews before choosing the right service for your needs. This way, you will receive premium quality essays and get lots of time to play your favorite games. 

Choose one of the most popular games 

The fact is that there are some win-win games that are highly recommended by lots of experienced gamers. If you choose one of the most popular alternatives, you are likely to enjoy it, too. Consider choosing one of these excellent options.

Resident Evil 3 

If you are keen on playing Resident Evil 2, you will stick to the new game’s edition, too. It has lots of new environments and scenes, crowds of enemies, thrilling fights, and an updated combat system. 

The Outer Worlds

The game is about the awakening after a long hibernated sleep and discovering how life on the planet has changed. It is very picturesque and offers to make plenty of different choices to its dedicated gamers. 

Doom Eternal 

Looking for the legendary game to play? Doom Eternal is right what you need. The game is full of fantastic and real-life landscapes, terrible demons, and astonishing sculptures. All you need is collected in a single game. 


Huge guns, astonishing weapons, and amazing scenes are all available in this game. You will need to fight evil aliens and lots of other odd and scary creatures. Become a winner and save the brother of the main hero. 

Bleeding Edge 

This game is good for those who are keen on playing DotA. It is a hero-based game with lots of special effects you’ve never seen before. 


This game is the one that revolutionized the entire gaming industry. Developed by the legendary Epic Games, Fortnite is having millions of fans all over the world. You might become one of them, too. 

Gears 5

This is an entirely new campaign that was launched right after Gears of War 4. It is an exclusive shooter that allows the gamer to protect the human race.

Rocket League 

This game is not a classical shooter or RPG. It is a soccer-based game, where each gamer can use a rocket-powered machine. In case you are searching for something spectacular and love racing, this game will perfectly suit your collection. 

Devil May Cry 5

In case you are fond of fighting demons, Devil May Cry 5 will provide you dozens of them. Robotic arms, incredible weapons, and famous Dante’s tricks will surely make your day. 

Disco Elysium

In this amazing game, you will become an experienced detective who is going to solve lots of difficult tasks. The game will make you think and analyze plenty of parameters to solve the mystery.

There are plenty of games for the PC you can find online. Pick up your favorite genre or try different alternatives to find the one that suits your necessities.  

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