10 Free Cross Browser Testing Tools in 2021

Cross browser testing as the word signifies is comparing the state of your application in different or cross-browser environments and browser versions. It ensures that our application is consistent and delivers an optimal user experience independent of the browser the end-user is using. A website is a combination of multiple web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc and they combine together to give a complete website look. The purpose of cross-browser testing is to provide consistent behaviour and experience across all browsers, devices, and platforms. With such a wide range of browsers, devices, and operating systems available today, cross-browser testing is a crucial part of developing software. As numerous cross-browser testing tools are present in the market, let’s look up at the top ten free tools available to us in the below article:-


LambdaTest is a cloud-based platform that can ease your cross-browser testing work by providing access to 2000+ browser support in one go. Users can choose from a wide range of Android and IOS mobile devices from legacy to all latest versions. Automated screenshot testing through LambdaTest can help in capturing bulk screenshots through different desktop and mobile devices which are running on various OS. Up to 25 screenshots can be captured on different configurations of browsers and OS in one single session which can be shared with your team simultaneously.

LambdaTest also offers a mobile-specific browser to test for responsiveness. The browser is called LT Browser and comes with in-built super capabilities such as smart-scroll, sharing the screenshot, marking bugs etc. 

Key Features:-

  • Users can run Selenium automation tests on a scalable Selenium grid having 2000+ browser environments and its different versions. 
  • Capability to perform an automated screenshot and responsive testing.
  • SSH tunnel to test your locally or private hosted website.
  • Collaboration with different bug tracking tools like JIRA, Bitbucket and many more to perform one-click bug logging.
  • Users can check responsiveness on all screen sizes.


TestComplete is a one-stop solution to perform automated UI testing. It comes with an intelligent object repository that supports over 500 controls that will ensure your tests are maintainable and scalable at the same time. It covers both desktop and mobile testing. A wide range of desktop applications built on .Net, java, WPF etc is covered. Also, create and automate functional UI tests on physical or virtual iOS and Android devices. The whole testing cycle can be performed with this tool like GIT, JIRA, Jenkins and many more. Users can choose from multiple programming languages such as Javascript and Python or the record & replay function is also available to ease your task in creating automated UI tests. Click here for check more info about RusVPN.

Key Features:-

  • TestComplete is a UI functional test automation tool that users can use to create and run tests on any web application.
  • User can run tests in parallel across 2000+ real environments, all without any infrastructure setup and cost
  • Real-time access to all latest and legacy devices, browsers and their different versions.


Testingbot has over 8 years of expertise in in-app and browser testing. It is used by some world’s famous organizations like Microsoft, Disney and many more. Users have the facility to run more than six million automated and live tests through TestingBot. It has provided one of the first cloud-based selenium, Appium and Cyprus grids. User has access to over 2700 browsers & physical devices which can be used instantly for live and automation testing.  

Key Features:-

  • Built with precaution and high concurrency in mind.
  • Users can get a video, screenshot and also logs for each test run. 
  • Supports major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.


It is the only Web testing platform built for an entire testing process. Users can run millions of tests on their real desktop and mobile browsers with 2050+ different configurations. Also debugging, test reporting, integration with CI/CD tools and automated screenshot testing can be performed using this platform. Users can run their Selenium or Appium code easily in the cloud. Entire apps can be accessed from the command line by consuming their REST API. It is trusted and used by renowned companies like Accenture, Expedia , Geico and many more.

Key Features:-

  • Full access to all developer tools like Chrome dev and firebug.
  • The full page screenshot option is also available.
  • Record and Replay feature is also given on this platform to run automated tests with minimum programming knowledge.

Browser Stack

The community was founded in 2011 with a mission to empower developers to build amazing experiences. They are the world’s leading software testing platform through which the

app and browser testing has become simpler using this platform. Over 2000+ real device and browser support are available. Users can test both websites and mobiles. It is trusted by more than 25000+ customers globally. 

Key Features:-

  • Highly reliable cloud infrastructure that effortlessly scales as testing needs grow.
  • No setup cost required.
  • Simple and straightForward implementation.

Test Project

The platform was started back in 2015. The aim was to create a powerful and collaborative space that would help the automation community face day to day challenges easily and deliver flawless products in the market. It’s a free forever solution with the goal of providing an E2E solution to the maximum community of users possible. It enables community people to share their work and findings in a way that helps to accelerate the success of every member involved.

The tool was voted as number 1 in Gartner’s 2020 Peer Insights Customer’s Choice Awards. 

Key Features:-

  • Easy configuration and setup.
  • Minimum coding skills required to create and run your test suite.
  • The test reporting feature is also provided with the tool to get detailed information.
  • Integration with all major CI/CD tools.
  • It also shows 30 days execution history.


As the name suggests, this tool will help testers in testing a website’s compatibility on different browsers by taking screenshots of your web pages rendered by real browsers on different operating systems. The user has to submit the website address on this tool so that it gets added to the queue. Then the number of computers will open the user’s website in distributed computers to take screenshots and upload them to the tool’s central dedicated server.

Their main service is to let web designers view screenshots of their pages in different browsers at different screen resolutions and with different plugins. The tool is 100% free. The concern is to resolve cross-browser incompatibilities. 200 browsers support is available on this tool. Cross-browser compatibility tests can be run with great customization options like OS, browser type, javascript status and flash enable/disable settings. 

Selenium Box

Selenium box is a privately-owned company also referred to as Element34 Solutions and headquarters are present in Lachen, Switzerland. It is the leading provider for on-premises Selenium grid infrastructure. There’s no maintenance cost involved and it helps organizations to simplify their Selenium and Appium infrastructure for cross-browser and mobile tests. Selenium Box is mainly for large enterprises with security-sensitive domains such as banking, insurance and medical. 

Key Features:-

  • Major browser support is available with all legacy and recent versions.
  • Supports desktop browsers and real mobile devices.
  • Tool is built for providing security, scale and performance of your application.


Browserling is an open-source community that was started in 2010 in Oakland, California to solve cross-browser testing problems.  It is the World’s first company to offer live interactive html5 based cross-browser testing service . Hundreds of tools and libraries support is available such as browserify , dnode and many more. The company can also help you in customising cross-browser testing solutions for the user.

Key Features:-

  • Record and playback feature of your browsing sessions.
  • Feature for responsive testing.
  • User can save and share screenshots of all its web pages from different browsers.
  • Access to all modern browsers.


TestSigma is a test automation ecosystem to plan, design , develop , execute ,analyse and report for continuous testing in Agile and devops. It works well with both basic and complex test scenarios. No Automation knowledge is required in writing test cases , just simple English is required. It notifies users of failure and creates test plans with impacted tests automatically for any change in the application. 

Key Features:-

  • Enhance website’s automation capability by adding customization.
  • Unified platform for the web, mobile, android and many more.
  • AI support to improve the team’s efficiency.
  • Contains all the essential elements for continuous testing. 


Here in this post, I have covered the most famous cross-browser compatibility tools to be followed in 2021. Hope this post will help you in choosing the right tool for your application. If you are aware or have used any other tool apart from this then do let us know in the comment section . Would really appreciate your participation and contribution here .