10 Simple Ways You Can Sleep Better At Night

Sleep is extremely important, and not getting enough can have a devastating effect on your life, and your health.

The tips and suggestions below, from Mattress Warehouse, should help you develop better sleep habits, making it easier to get the rest you need.

1. Get up at the same time each day and go to sleep at approximately the same time each night.

Nothing feels quite as good as sleeping in on the weekend. Unfortunately, changing your sleep habits on the weekend can disrupt your body’s internal clock, throwing your circadian rhythm out of whack. Staying on your regular sleep schedule during the weekend is the best option if you want to get better sleep.

2. Try a quick nap if you feel tired.

A brief daytime nap can help recharge your batteries, giving you more energy. To avoid disrupting your sleep at night, however, don’t sleep longer than 45 minutes during the day.

3. Let go of unhealthy habits.

Nicotine and alcohol can both interfere with your sleep. If you don’t want to quit using these substances altogether, try to at least avoid using them during the four-hour window leading up to your bedtime.

4. Stop consuming caffeine at a predetermined time.

Count backward six hours from your bedtime. This is the latest in the day that you should consume caffeine. While coffee is an obvious source of caffeine, it is also hidden in other foods and beverages. Chocolate, soda, and tea all frequently contain caffeine.

5. Snack the right way in the evenings.

Before heading to bed, it is perfectly fine to have a light, healthy snack. To avoid having your sleep disrupted, however, skip any foods that are extremely spicy, laden with sugar, or greasy for at least four hours before you go to sleep.

6. Exercise during the right time of the day.

Try to avoid exercising directly before you go to bed. Working out in the evening can wind up making it harder to sleep. Switching your workout routine to an earlier time is usually a better option.

7. Transform your bedroom into a comfortable retreat.

Opt for linens and blankets that are soft, comfortable, and inviting so that you enjoy crawling into bed at night. Alternatively, you can consider getting a weighted blanket which will surely help you fall asleep faster and sleep better through the night?

8. Keep your room at the right temperature and make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

Researchers have recently discovered that opening a window a crack can help people sleep better. You may also find it beneficial to lower the temperature in your room several degrees before you go to bed.

9. Get rid of excess light and noise.

Keep your electronic devices out of your bedroom to avoid being disrupted when you are trying to sleep. This includes moving your TV to a different room if you have one in your bedroom.

10. Only use your bed for sleeping or intimate activities.

Avoid working in bed, playing games, or doing other activities that activate your mind. That way, your brain won’t develop stressful associations with your bed.