2020 Popular Trend of Precious Gemstones

Fashion is the ever altering pattern, and people are not looking for something new at the precious gemstones. You can release a remark with almost everything with so many gemstones accessible now. Women ask their dedication rings for blue Sri Lankan sapphire, opal and every other gemstone, and this is a definite change. No longer are diamonds the only horse in the race. Chamal Gems is a gemstone company which exports the best gemstones to luxury jewelers and specialty dealers in the United States, and many more unique stones like Sapphire, Ruby, Alexandrite, Emerald, and Padparadscha. Chamal Gems purchases many Rubies from Myanmar/Burma and they say those rubies are the best in the world. Take a look below at our most prominent gemstones for 2020.

Popular Gemstones of 2020

Blue and sea color are the two trends for everyone else in fashion trends for 2020. Chamal Gems laid the foundation in January—–?—– when it was revealed. Where blue is the alternative for shopping this year, here are a few gemstones.

Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire 

Blue Sri Lankan Sapphire is a highly valuable blue colored corundum-mineral gemstone and one of the most powerful in Vedic astrology found mainly in Sri Lanka.

Red Ruby 

Ruby is a precious natural corundum family deep pink or blood-red gem. Vedic astrology recommends the use of rubies for growth and success, which is found mainly in Burma.

Green Emerald

Emerald is a very delicate green gemstone from the family of beryl minerals. It is found primarily in Colombia.


Alexandrite is a rare, very valuable gem in the chrysoberyl mineral family, which shows dramatic shifts in daylight from blue / green to purplish / brownish red in yellow light.


One of the rarest of the sapphires is Padparadscha. Most of these extremely rare stones are unknown, and in pink and orange colors they are so beautiful and costly.


Initially people think they were a sapphire of this beautiful stone, but in recent times it has been found to be a specific stone. Tanzanite is the optimal option for the designs of this year with its dark blue that fascinates you.


These are the first stones when people seem to think of the sea. In summers, this light blue stone is gorgeous and just doesn’t weigh you down. Aquamarine is cheap and nearly every aspect.


It is not wonder that this gemstone is in 2020 because it is blue and dreamlike Azurite as Galaxy. The centerpiece of every tool is this declaration gemstone. Everybody wonders what you wear and where you went with your selection of dark coloring, or with the perfect mix of blues and greens. For any case, Azurite is nearly always the best choice.


Looking at a jewelry opal conveys soft dreamy scenes that recollect fairy tales and clouds. In 2020, opals compete for their stardom with diamonds. Over the last few years, Opals have started competing for the best-known gemstone, and this will not change in 2020. These precious stones have been a trend towards engagement rings, so put your closet into an assertion opal piece this 10th century.


There are many shades for the garnet gemstone. A deep wine red is the most common. This gemstone is used for events such as weddings, corporate events and Christmas parties, which catch the attention of any spectator in the house.Your gems are the highlight of your ensemble if you carry the garnet gemstone. Please dress in color combinations and soft tones. There is no wrong place for garnet to take their spot.

Try Them on and Find Your Focus Piece

Blue and the colors of the sea come into play in 2020 and for gemstones there’s so many options that suit every kind of outfit. You also do not have to adhere to some of the most common gemstones, and this year these gemstones should make a statement.