3 benefits of getting insurance to protect YOUR photography equipment!

Suppose you work in an on-site job, like shooting video for a company, taking pictures for business promotion, or use other high-tech accessories. In that case, it is commonplace to be using accessories and machines that can break after extensive use. Those who use expensive, technical, and complicated pieces of machinery are especially liable for their accessories to become damaged during a work accident. 

Not to mention, if your accessories or technical pieces are not working properly, there is a greater risk of injury – for both the user and the expensive accessories. For example, suppose your lighting machinery breaks mid- photoshoot. In that case, this will damage the final product, cost you studio time and money, potentially harm an employee, and can require thousands of dollars in repair costs. 

However, if you ensure all of your tools, high-tech pieces, and accessories are working correctly, then you can stay safe and protected during your project for whatever might happen. Along the same lines, if your photography equipment is not working correctly due to damage, you will not be able to get any good shots or videos during your private event. A lack of working equipment can damage your quality of work and reputation. 

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3 benefits of photography equipment insurance! 

If you are a freelance photographer, whether a new hobbyist or a worker for private events, you will highly benefit from getting photography equipment insurance. One of the most important insurance coverages you can purchase is photography equipment insurance when used by a professional for private events since there are many things that can go wrong while you are working on-site at a job. 

If you are looking for high-quality insurance companies to represent you, like Athos insurance, make sure you do proper research to ensure they have good ratings, high reviews, and the necessary coverage for your company.

Stolen equipment

One of the best ways that equipment insurance can help freelance photographers and shoot directors is in the case of stolen equipment. Since photography equipment is quite expensive, such as the cameras and tripods, any stolen pieces can rack up thousands of lost dollars. In a situation where the risk for stealing is quite low, thieves will often take a chance and steal expensive equipment from a photoshoot site when the workers are gone.

Along with stolen photography equipment, workers may take equipment home, damage photography accessories by accident, or break pieces due to constant misuse. A comprehensive plan, like one from Athos insurance, can cover all of these instances. 

Work accidents

If you accidentally knock over a lighting machine or video production machine while using it, it can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. To avoid paying out of pocket for this repair, purchase photography equipment insurance for your business. 

Having insurance for work accidents is one of the best ways employers can protect their employees and protect their business on a photo shoot site. After all, accidents are very common and unpreventable. Although your business can take safety precautions, things happen – and sometimes, these things can lead to injuries and broken equipment. 

A broken camera or broken lighting equipment is very expensive for photographers – especially those who are solely hobbyists and don’t have thousands to spend on replacing camera accessories. 


Although we like to think that people wouldn’t go out of their way to damage property or make life harder for others, that is not always the case. Whether it be local hooligans or teenagers who are bored and want to have some fun, vandalism is common among various photoshoot sites. Buying insurance helps protect your machines and equipment from potential damage.

Along with vandalism, you can trust other people on your photography site to take care of your equipment for you while you are off-site. In some instances, a worker may damage your photography equipment – whether by accident or on purpose. Purchasing camera and photography equipment insurance are crucial to saving thousands. 


Purchasing photography equipment insurance is a smart and safe move by freelancers to protect themselves at photoshoots and private events. Buying photography equipment insurance is a dynamic coverage that moves with you wherever you go. For aspiring professionals, hobbyists, and photographers who do private events, buying photographic equipment insurance is absolutely necessary to safeguard your money and future.