4 Converter Apps You Can Download That Works As Apple Music Alternatives

Let’s be honest. Paying for a music subscription annually can be expensive. Especially if you’re strapped for cash. Unfortunately, if you want to keep your music, you need to enrol in one sometime soon. There are alternatives to this of course, but you have to do some additional steps to make it happen.

In this article, we’ve collated some of the best Apple Music converter apps you can download that get rid of the digital rights embedded in songs in streaming services. This takes the .m4a file to a .mp3 or .aac. When your files finally have reached this stage, you can download it to your device instantly. So here are the best converter apps you can use to do just that:

Apple Music Converter

If you want to download Apple Music to any of your devices, but don’t want the liability of paying the monthly or yearly subscription for it, then Apple Music Converter is the perfect tool for you to get. The app is made with the sole purpose of stripping the DRM (that’s digital right management for the uninitiated) from the streaming service.

So whether you’re downloading a song, an entire album, or a playlist off Apple’s streaming service, Apple Music Converter readily processes those downloaded files to make it free for your device in the future. The trick here is to get a free 3-month subscription first. After that, all is fair in converting and stripping down those files. 

Sidify Converter

One of the truly full-pledged music converters out there today, Sidify Apple Music, Converter has not only the bells and whistles of its high-end counterparts, but it also has the ease of use that makes it usable even for beginners. Through the app, you can convert .m4p files to any file extension you want, may it be .mp4, .mp3, .aac, and .wav, among others. 

After conversion, you can readily store away the files on your Google Drive folder. This way, you can sync and update your music selection now and then. Unlike other converters in this list, Sidify is free to download. Just make sure that you get it on its official site.


Another classic music converter, Noteburner is especially great because it doesn’t just convert DRM files, it also makes filing and storing of those converted files easier and more manageable. Noteburner has been present from the time when iTunes ruled the music industry. Now that iTunes has been divided into three separate apps, Noteburner remains one of the best converters ever to be made.

It has one of the fastest turnaround times for conversion, with 20x speeds when compared to the other apps listed here. A 4-minute song can be stripped down of DRM in as short as 20 seconds. That’s the conversion power you need when you’re converting several playlists.

UkeySoft Music Converter

Another free Apple Music converter app, the UkeySoft Music Converter is an all-in-one app that lets you convert music to the file type of your liking. It’s free to download as well, and it even has the ability to convert audiobooks, if that’s your jam. Apple Music, as well as, iTunes Music conversion is its expertise though so you may want to explore those features first.


While it is great to support your favorite artists by subscribing and paying for their music, it’s extremely wise to lessen your expenses if you can’t afford it yet. That doesn’t mean you have to pirate them, of course. With music converters, you can do just that and still enjoy your music wherever you go.

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