4 Ideas For A Unique London Experience

When you’re in London or any famous city in Europe or the world, you would want to maximize your time and fill your stay with memorable and special moments. This is especially true if you’re traveling to the city for the first time.

While London undoubtedly has some iconic and must-see places, at times, you want to get out of your way to see and experience the city in a different view. Whether that would be visiting unusual places during your free time or factoring in non-touristy things to do, there’s an array of choices depending on your preferences.

Quick, Handy Tips For An Unforgettable London Stay

You might think that summer is the perfect time to roam around the city. However, if you’re planning to have your vacation in London, it would be best to visit when the weather is warm and breezy, particularly during springtime. 

There are six airports in London that serve nearly every country or region of the globe. If you’re situated in Europe or in areas of the United Kingdom, you can reach London by plane, train, or car. Nonetheless, if you’re staying within the city, it would be best to travel there by plane or train. There are fewer parking spaces around busy places and hot spots, which can be a bummer.

Things To Do For A Unique London Experience

London offers a plethora of touristy spots and laid back neighborhoods. While it can be easy to get lost in a sea of options, it would be best to plan ahead and put together your itinerary.

Upon organizing your travel bucket list, consider the following ideas to enjoy and experience a unique getaway when you’re in London.

1. Visit A Jam-Packed And Lively District In The Middle Of The City

Mayfair is located within Central London and is highly regarded for its affluent locals, elegant townhouses, luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, auction houses, and more.

Warm days call for food trips within the hot spots and top restaurants of the area. If you’re staying at any hotel within Central London, check out the best restaurants in Mayfair and other nearby districts. 

A memorable travel experience will not be complete without trying out the different dishes, delicacies, and cocktails offered by the place you’re staying. Whether you’re craving something warm or heavy, you’ll certainly be able to choose a restaurant that fits your budget and dining preferences.

2. Walk In The Footsteps Of Stars

If you’re going out with your partner, make sure to drop by Leicester Square, which is the historical haven for some of the best theaters in London. Since the 1670s, it has been known as the capital’s cultural hub and entertainment center famous for hosting movie premieres to some of the world-class movies and blockbusters.

You’d never know when you’re going to travel to London again. Hence, might as well complete your unique travel experience by buying a ticket and choosing among all the hot, red-carpet premieres presented annually.

3. Drop By One Europe’s Busiest Shopping Streets

Apart from filling your cravings, drop by chic boutiques, designer stores, top department stores, and more in Oxford Street. It’s said to be one of Europe’s busiest shopping streets and is highly regarded for its array of shopping options. If you’re looking for unique finds, collectibles, miniature items, trendy clothes, and souvenirs for your family, this is the place to be.

However, because the area is packed with the finest shopping establishments, make sure to do your gift shopping during non-peak hours to avoid large crowds. You also wouldn’t want to visit during weekends and holidays where other travelers would tend to gather around. 

Nonetheless, if you don’t mind the crowd, visiting the place around Christmas is a perfect time to experience the annual lights show. During this time, the streets are completely illuminated. It’s a beautiful complement to your cold evenings.

4. Head To One Of Britain’s Oldest Botanical Gardens

Located in Chelsea London, Chelsea Psychic Garden houses approximately 5,000 various edible, medical plants. With its abundant greeneries and striking landscapes, there’s no shortage of wonderful sceneries to take a picture with. 

Apart from taking a tour, the area has plenty of fun, informative, and calming events to participate in. For instance, they now have a program centered on food and yoga, which helps you stretch and relax. This is a great way to unwind and savor a few, quiet moments before you return to the buzz of the city. Alternatively, if you prefer to relax with your friends, you can order your preferred coffee at their cafes. 


Whether you want to satisfy your palate or opt for a relaxing getaway, there’s an array of memorable things to do while you’re in the largest city in Europe. Take inspiration from the guide above and curate your own bucket list based on your personal interests.