4 tips for converting your basement into a home theatre

Have you got a basement space that is currently underused? Maybe a home theatre would make perfect use of the area. Decorating in your home is not easy, so it is important to obtain expert knowledge. Take a look on Domayne for ideas here. Converting a storage basement into a home theatre is not easy, so look at our tips for the best way to make this happen.

Proper Insulation Matters for More Than One Reason

You already understand that insulation for the walls and ceiling are a must if you want to convert the basement into a home theatre. Conventional wisdom dictates that you do so to ensure the space is easier to heat and cool. While that is important, there is another reason to pay close attention to the quality and type of insulation chosen for the project.

The right insulation will minimize echoing in the space. That improves the sound quality while you are watching whatever movie, television show, or concert you are screening. It also helps to block outside noises from interfering with your entertainment time. Do not forget that the insulation also blocks the sound from the theatre from spreading to other parts of the house.

Update the Wiring

You will need a lot of wiring to support a home theatre system. There also must be up to date wiring for the galley kitchen that will serve as your own private snack centre. Think about what you would need to operate the overhead lighting, the movie equipment, and even things like a popcorn machine and a cooler for beverages. A contractor can help ensure your basement renovation has all the wiring and outlets needed to make the space functional and safe.

Adding Plumbing is a Great Idea Too

Plumbing is important also. You may not want full bathroom facilities in your basement, but there is still the need for some sort of sink, a connection for soda machines, a supply of water to fuel the ice maker, and other basics. The idea is to ensure no one must run upstairs in the middle of a show for a drink of water. It also helps if you have everything on hand to clean up after the movie is over.

Consider Movable Rather than Fixed Seating

You may start out with the idea of installing theatre style seats but remember this is a home theatre. Think about investing in comfortable seating that can be rearranged whenever you like. This Newport Fabric Sofa Bed from Domayne could be ideal. It is small so it can be moved around easily. For the furniture that you choose, the chairs do not have to be heavy to include lots of padding. Going with floating seating means you can easily arrange the space so it can be used for functions other than watching a movie. 

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