5 Basic Tools You Will Need To Start Your Embroidery Hobby

Have you ever tried embroidery before? In a classroom or your house? Did you ever wonder what it is like to be able to create a masterpiece with a needle and colorful threads?

Try embroidery as a pastime or a new hobby. Distress yourself as well while you are at it. Maybe the results may surprise you with what you can create. And if you are planning to hang a picture on the wall, frame your work. But first, you should have the basic tools and materials for embroidering. Let us break down the tools and materials.

1. Embroidery Hoop Frame

Most beginners and students go for the kits because they are already packed in one set. You can check out this link to get your own  embroidery kit. Now, embroidery hoops come in different shapes and sizes. You may find one that suits your style for the embroidery project. Find the frame that you like and begin sewing.

Embroidery hoops secure your fabric into place. The fabric is delicate and can be easily deformed in several ways. You do not want your project to be wrinkly and messy.

When it comes to price, we recommend a wooden hoop. You can also buy plastic embroidery hoops since they are reusable and slip-proof. 

2. A Pair Of Embroidery Scissors

What is the difference between regular school scissors and embroidery scissors? Embroidery scissors are sharper and smaller in size. It is perfect for kits since you can carry them around in a bag with the other embroidery tools. They made these scissors to cut through threads.

3. Embroidery Floss

It is a material made out of cotton, polyester, silk, and linen. This six-stranded thread is available to almost all colors in the color wheel. The embroidery floss is manufactured especially for, of course, embroidery. But also to other needlework. Not all thread and floss come out the same way. The difference is evident enough to distinguish one from the other.

4. Embroidery Needle

The needle will be depending on the thread and fabric that you will be using it for. You would not want your fabric in holes when you use thick needles. Thick needles are for cross stitching, and thin needles go through soft and delicate fabrics. Knowing the right embroidery needle feels smooth on the fabric. You glide through and back in again without any tugging. Knowing this will avoid friction and unnecessary tugs in your fabric.

5. The Fabric

You can embroider on any fabric you desire. But the fabric may require your preferences and technique for it to be chosen. Cotton, linen, and blends are some of the fabrics that are made available to you.

Embroidery Kits You Should Check Out! 

Here is a list of embroidery kits made available to you by Storables.com. Click on their site and scroll down their products, such as embroidery kits.

1. Caydo DIY Embroidery Kit

Perfect for beginners who are looking for a new hobby. This kit is complete with the essentials you need for embroidering. The kit includes 5 bamboo embroidery hoops, 12 flosses, 30 embroidery needles, two 14-count white cotton, scissors, a thimble, and a pamphlet for instructions.

2. Similane Embroidery for Beginners

This kit is another embroidery packed essential for beginners. If you are looking for a kit to improve on this craft, this one’s for you too. This pack contains 5 bamboo embroidery hoops in various sizes, 100 colored threads, 3 cloths, 40 sewing pins, and a pen that are soluble for your designs to be marked upon the fabric. Plus, this kit includes bracelet making kits and home decoratives like tassels. You can explore other crafts with this all in one kit.

3. Generic Embroidery Starter Kit

If you are fond of personalized crafts to decorate your house, this kit is the perfect one for you. The Generic Embroidery Starter kit includes home-style decorations. The designs that are made available for you will sure to fit your home and decorating.

4. Fanryn Embroidery Kit

To make the most of your embroidery experience, choose a kit that allows multiple embroidery techniques. The Fanryn Embroidery Kit will give you a lot of patterns that you can choose from. From the simple to the pattern that requires different techniques, this kit is complete. The cloth from this kit has pre-designed patterns. You have gorgeous flower patterns, birds perched on a tree, and more.

5. Hand Embroidery Pattern Kit

A time with family and friends is never a time wasted. And if you run out of things to do together, try embroidery. Buy each of your family and friends an embroidery kit and start digging into it. The hand embroidery pattern kit includes all the tools and supply that you will need. There will be a beginner’s guide instruction to teach you one step at a time. Choose a design and level of difficulty that depends on the pattern and technique that you will be using.