5 Cleaning Tips We Learned During Quarantine—And Plan to Continue

At the end of 2019, one curse was raised upon the world, and the Chinese named it COVID-19. We came across a new term- Quarantine! Did I get infected? How do I keep myself clean? How long do we have to stay in the Quarantine? Those are the questions my son asked me in the lockdown session, and all I could do was guess.

The most important thing that we could do is to keep ourselves hygienic, and that is why we bring to you five cleaning tips we learned during Quarantine—and plan to continue.

Washing grocery bags

People cannot survive without food. So, frequent grocery shopping is a must for us. When was the last time you cleaned your grocery bags after returning home?

A study found out that in 90 percent of cases, the bags contain coliform bacteria, but in this special, you may never know, it can turn out to be Coronavirus. It will be a lot safer if you can use custom bags taken from your home, so you might ensure there is less possibility of contamination.

Disinfecting your clothes

It is still unknown how long the virus can stay on fabric, but some of your fancy clothes contain some metal objects or plastics, and that is the home ground for the virus to set its battleground and spread its poison. Frequent washing might be a good solution. If you care about your life, you will not bother for the fabric to degrade.

Taking precautions while packaging your food

In the case of vegetables, a wise thing to do is to wash them after bringing them home from the shop immediately. If there is any unwanted packaging, remove and move them to the trash with a lid.

Take the food from the take-out containers and carefully dispose of those containers. Burn them if it is necessary. When you are drinking a soda or a beer, make sure to disinfect the bottle or the can before you flush open them.

Frequently recleaning the mattresses

Quarantine times make you lazy, and studies found that Coronavirus has made many people sleep twice the regular times a day. Sure, you should clean the bed sheets more often, but what about the mattresses?

Make sure to regularly clean your mattress with the help of a vacuum pump or get in touch with professionals like Cleanzen.

Cleaning the dishes

Now coming to the last task on our five cleaning tips we learned during Quarantine—and plan to continue. Americans tend to get hungry when they are out of work, and more hungry means more dirty dishes, making the kitchen messier.

Liquid soap helps clean the dish as they are easy to use and help remove the germs more efficiently.


So there went our five cleaning tips we learned during Quarantine—and we plan to continue. Keeping your household stuff clean is a perfect practice, and we intend to make that practice regular for you after this pandemic.

Remember! Follow cleanliness to kill tomorrow’s diseases!