5 equipment that are best for small warehouses

There are so many activities that are carried out in warehouses including moving various products inside and outside of the warehouse, performing packaging activities and much more. There might be lots of people who work in the warehouse concurrently which leads to congestion. Due to this, it becomes difficult for people to work efficiently in the warehouse. There are many such equipment that can be replaced with their small size alternative. 5 best equipment for small spaces are:

Scissor lift trolley:

A scissor lift trolley is a very basic lifting tool. It is adjustable because you can raise it to the height you want. The best thing about this lifter is that it does not take much space and can be accommodated even in the narrower space. Many lifting machines cannot even reach those areas where the scissor lift trolley can go and perform its job. Buy Scissor Lift Trolley – AAL Store.

Movable shelves:

One of the best strategies to cope with the narrower space is to use movable shelves. It is impossible to run a warehouse without storage shelves. There is so much that is accommodated in these shelves. However, sometimes we notice that these storage spaces take up so much space. In order to solve this problem, you can install those shelves that can slide over one another across the floor. This way, you can remove aisles that you don’t use for some time.

Order pickers:

The best strategy to make more space in the warehouses which are narrow is to use them productively. In most of the inventory stores, vertical space is sufficient and horizontal space is limited. In order to resolve this issue, store owners use vertical space in an efficacious way. No matter how much space you have, you install tall shelves in the warehouse. When you put your products at a certain height, you will need order pickers to do the job of putting them down. Order pickers are very effective in making this happen. If your inventory store is small, you must use them to save space.

Shrink wrap system:

There is an automatic system that is known as shrink wrap system that wraps the products that are ordered and then they are packed in the inventory in order to make them ready for shipment. Since this process is automatic, you can save a lot of space by not having the need to employ a lot of people for inventory management

Pallet jacks:

 Pallet jacks are another lifting equipment to be used in order to save space. They are very compact in size and very easy to handle. Due to their small size, they can be used to lift material to any corner of your small warehouse.


There are a few things you can do in order to deal with the small warehouse problem. Learn to use the space smartly and you will be free from a lot of stress.