5 Essential Office Supplies Every Business Needs

No office space can be complete and fully effective without essential office supplies. Whether you run a multinational corporation or have a small home run business, certain essentials are important for every office irrespective of its number of employees, its industry, its operating scale and its growth. In order to truly maximize the efficiency and the productivity of your employees, your office should stock and maintain a number of essential supplies such as those listed below:

1. Writing Supplies

Writing supplies and tools such as pens, pencils, markets, highlighters, etc. are absolutely essential in every office setting. Just when your employee has a brilliant idea, or needs to note down something quickly, they can never seem to be finding a pen in their office space, and this incident can be pretty annoying. in order to avoid such a thing from happening. Any tools that your employees may need to write, scribble or create mind maps should be readily available and be plenty in their office space.

2. Printers

Dozens of documents need to get printed in an office on a daily basis – whether these are employee files, schedules, notices, memos, invoices or agendas. A helper cannot possibly run to the copier every time an employee needs to print something which is why it is absolutely essential that all offices have a printer on their premises at all times, and one of the most popular printer series for offices is by Brother. Even more important than a printer is toner and office managers should have toners in stock at all times. If you are an office manager you should know where to buy Brother Printer Ink and have some in stock at all times.

3. Grouping Supplies

Grouping supplies and tools are essentially anything that allows an individual to group things together like a stapler, rubber bands, paper clips, files and folders. It is very frequent for employees to group together documents and memos concerning a certain task, and grouping supplies help them do so. Other than grouping, such supplies also help employees organize their work in a much better manner as files and folders help organize similar documents and can be stored for viewing at a later time.

4. Whiteboards

Whiteboards are great to have around for office meetings and for creative employees. Whiteboards allow employees to discuss and explain issues at all, to demonstrate new ideas or concepts, to create mind maps and to encourage creativity, or to simply communicate with their colleagues. Whether it is an office meeting, a creativity promotion session, or a simple discussion, a whiteboard essentially acts as a focal point for all such discussions and gatherings.

5. Desk Organizers

A dirty workspace or a messy desk can be very overwhelming for most employees. the amount of paperwork that employees go through on a daily basis and the multiple tools they use calls for some serious desk organizing. Not only do desk organizers help you sort everything out on your desk, they also help you save on crucial time in the workspace as you don’t have to waste time going through your things looking for something particular.