5 Free File Recovery Software

EaseUS photo recovery software is an easy to use data recovery software, which is unique and it is great in recovering all of the types of photos. It recovers your images from SD card, CF card, HDD, camera fast, effectively and safe. 

If you have lost your photos, images, or pictures from your memory card, hard drive, SD card, or digital camera, you can find the best and trustworthy free photo recovery software. Photo recovery software is able to recover your deleted or lost pictures. 

The only main thing which you have to do is to get the right photo recovery software to perform the recovery photo process. When the files are deleted from your computer, their directories disappear for just a moment. Although, their contents were not instantly destroyed. 

Windows simple marks the hard drive space as being available for use by changing one character in the file table. The file entry will not be displayed in My Computer or a command line DIR command, etc. 

So, if your photos have been formatted accidentally, then no need to worry. Formatting a partition only deletes the address table, not the data itself. There is still a chance to do a recovery from a formatted partition with such a recovery tool. 

If some of the hard drives or partitions have disappeared, the data area would not be deleted. It is still possible for you to use the same way to make photo recovery from loss or the deleted partition. Now with the assistance of free and easy data recovery software, you can recover your important images without any of the technical knowledge. 

Best Photo Recovery Software

Here is a small list of the best ones which stand out from other recovery softwares. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you are out here looking for a tool to recover your deleted photos, then this EaseUS free file recovery software can help you in doing that. It recovers photos which are lost due to so many different reasons. 

Have your corrupted devices make the last shooting session inaccessible? Did your formatted SD card have so many pictures? Just relax, Ease US can help you. Here is the reason why you should choose this data recovery software: 

  • It can easily recover images after the deletion, formatting, OS crash or device corruption. 
  • This software restores more than 1000 different types of files. 
  • It supports recovering data from a digital camera, memory card, PC hard drive, USB and many more. 

Apart from that, EaseUS has 72 million happy users and it has received many favorable comments and reviews. 

Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery software recovers your photo, videos, and audio files which are lost because of the deletion, corruption, formatting, virus, inaccessible drives, etc. 

The preview ability of Stellar Photo Recovery makes this program special than the other programs, as it offers you to preview audio sounds before they are recovered. 

It has a clear interface and an easy recovery guide. This photo recovery software supports the scan of a specific folder and searches for the files from the scanning result. 

Recover My Files 

This is one of the best DIY free photo recovery software available for the Windows users. It allows the users to restore photos from hard drive, SD card, USB Zip drives, floppy disk, iPod, and many more. 

It performs great in Recycle Bin recovery, formatted data recovery, OS reinstallation recovery, RAW partition recovery and many other features and options as well. 

The conventional storage devices such as hard drives, SD cards, USBs, and iDevice like an iPod are also supported by this program. 

This software also supports scanning the backup (image file) of a partition. You can also sort it out by date. 


This is yet another free photo recovery software which can recover your files which have been permanently deleted and marked as free space by the operating system. Recuva recovers your files from your Windows PC, recycle bin, digital camera card, or an MP3 player easily and very quickly. 

Recuve software also works great in JPG file recovery. It has an excellent privacy protection and it removes the tracking of the files. 

This software also has a Preview screen before the final recovery. 

Disk Drill 

There are so many ways from which you can lose your data such as power failure, failed boot drives, partition damage, an accidentally emptied Recycle Bin, a virus attack. But you can easily get the lost data or lost pictures back with the help of Disk Drill. 

This is a professional data recovery program which ranks high in the information technology industry. It works so great on Windows PC and it performs even better on Mac. 

This program has secondary features such as data protection and backup drive. It organizes your files which are found by category. This software also filters the results by size and data. 

Final Words: 

In the end, I have to say that you only need to stay calm even if you have lost your important and precious files, photos from your desktop, Mac, iPhone, or from your Android. There is always a solution for you to gain back your lost or deleted pictures from any of the devices. 

Is it safe to use the data recovery software? 

Yes it is safe, but in case you choose a trustworthy data recovery software. Outdated applications and solutions from unknown developers should not be taken because they could make your data lost even worse or they may also infect your PC with viruses or malware. 

Those were my picks for the best data recovery softwares out there in the market, you can choose any one of those data recovery programs which may fit according to your needs.

I still suggest the EaseUS data Recovery Wizard because it is a perfect program, because the advanced disk technology makes the data recovery more difficult than it was before with the simpler technology of the past. So EaseUS can easily help you in this situation.