6 Best Apps for Farmers in 2023

58% of households in India depend on agribusiness as their most preeminent source of livelihood. It is the best time to focus on digital agriculture for a prosperous and growing India. 

Rural Parts of India are drastically shifting towards technology and digitalization these days. There are numerous services launching mobile apps delivering everything from helping in calculating the acreage in a certain location to forage identification or keeping the record of various things.

Knowing which apps are worth downloading on your smartphone can be overwhelming. Hence here is the list of best applications in the farming community

Top Mobile Apps for Farmers

Kisaan Suvidha

This is India’s first app that makes Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) online. Kisaan suvidha app works for the empowerment of agriculturalists and the growth of villages of India.  

It comes with a user-friendly interface and offers information on the present weather. It also shows the weather forecast for the following 5 days, knowledge of seeds, fertilizers, machinery, market prices of crops and commodities in the closest town, etc. 


Keeping track of all your agricultural data can be a nightmare specifically if numerous parties are involved in the procedure. With a customizable work record register, time tracker register, stock register, petrol/diesel expense register, udhar register, pet medical history tracker, and many other templates you can improve your production decisions

This free-for-user app is a digital solution for organizing and recording all your data. The choice of using the application in 10+ languages makes it widely accessible. You can lock your data and then share it with other people via email or Whatsapp. Download the app from here.

This app allows you to add pictures of your bills, receipts, pesticides, and any other farming essentials so that you can refer to them whenever you need them. It is trusted by 20 lakh+ users, hence your data will be safe and secure.

Tractor Zoom

If you want equipment for your farm and don’t want to spend money on buying it, tractor zoom will work out for you to find and locate used farm equipment. Auctioneers make accounts on the app and list various pieces of equipment for sale. 

Farmers enter the equipment that they looking for their farm and could instantly explore every auction on the platform. This app lets users create auction alerts if what farmers are hunting for is not for sale at that particular time. 

RML Farmer – Krishi Mitr

This valuable farming app assists farmers to keep up with the current item and mandi prices,  farmer and farm-related news, precise usage of fertilizers and pesticides, advisory, and weather forecasts. It even provides agrarian advice and news about the government’s agricultural schemes and policies. 

Users can pick from over 450 varieties of crops, 1,300 mandis to sell, and 3,500 weather areas around 50,000 villages and 17 Indian states. It is created with distinct tools to provide or analyze information and data on various aspects of farming practices.

Crop Insurance

This wonderful app assists farmers in calculating premiums of their insurances for notified crops and also keeps them informed on due dates and business contacts for the crop and its location. Crop insurance works as a calculator as well as a reminder for farmers about their insurance. 

It can be used to acquire details of the extended sum insured, normal sum insured, premium details, and information regarding various subsidies of the notified crops in any announced area. 

This app is additionally linked to its online portal that caters to all stakeholders along with farmers, insurance companies, states, and banks.

Krishe Nidaan

Due to various pests and diseases, a large ratio of the standing crops gets damaged every year. With the focus on these problems, timely identification of crop pests and diseases is essential using new-age devices & approaches. 

This is where the Krishe Nidaan application can support agriculturalists. It identifies common plant pests and diseases affecting your crop and gives an instant and full-proof solution, only by uploading a picture of your crop. 

Krishe Nidaan app is the ideal health companion for your crops and helps by providing the right plant infection diagnosis & scientific answers.


This technology-based agriculture application helps farmers in making better choices in their farming business to improve productivity. It provides a platform to interact with agri experts and progressive farmers across the country. 

You can clear all your doubts related to crops, new farming techniques, and any other topic related to agriculture. You can enter your date of sowing the crop and kind of cultivation and it offers you a personalized calendar of activities for having higher yield at a lower cost.

It also has this bulletin feature where you can update yourself with regional, national, and global evolutions in Agribusiness. The schemes section informs you about government schemes that you can benefit from and advises you on how to avail the same. 

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