6 Different Types of Blankets to Get Familiar With

Believe it or not, we actually can’t truly go to sleep easily or sleep well without blankets for the most part. The simple act of laying down and pulling the blankets up over ourselves is programmed into our brains as a signal that it’s time to go to sleep for the night. 

Going without them isn’t just uncomfortable and insecure, it’s going against critical sleep training for our restless minds. It also makes us vulnerable to the core temperature drop we experience during REM sleep. So figuring out which blankets are best for pleasing both our bodies and our brains is key, here.

1. Car Blankets

This unusual type of blanket plugs directly into a USB or cigarette lighter of a car and functions exactly like an electric blanket you might have at home. Best suited for people in colder northern climates, this soft, luxurious blanket can help keep you warm during road trips or even longer commutes if your heater isn’t exactly up to snuff.

2. Chenille Blankets

This handmade blanket has started to take off recently as a super soft, super heavy knitted blanket made from thick cottony yarn, rayon, or acrylic. With simple care instructions and light, but sturdy, these blankets are a must-have for anyone with a die-hard love for knitted works of art.

3. Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets are great, jack-of-all-trade blankets, useful in their hypoallergenic nature, making them great for people with allergies, but also as heat distributors. Paired with an airy latex mattress and organic bamboo sheets, cotton blankets can help to keep you warm at night. They also help you keep from overheating, helping you to stay asleep for longer and to sleep better.

4. Weighted Blankets

This special blanket type has skyrocketed as a powerful tool against anxiety. The human mind is naturally comforted while wrapped up in a thick, good blanket. The heavier the better for some. This is what led to the creation of the organic weighted blanket, a blanket with pockets filled with special weights. 

This creates a light, but heavy blanket that’s perfect for overheating sleepers or for calming kids and adults with mental afflictions. People with autism in particular generally find immense comfort wrapped up in these blankets, which ease their stress and anxieties and help them to calm down during duress.

5. Down Comforters

These are highly insulated duvets, usually topping mattresses over flat sheets and are generally made very lightweight, such as with down feathers. The better the fill power, the better quality the blanket is bound to be. They’re typically very easy to care for and often machine washable, which many people find highly convenient.

6. Fleece Blankets

If you’re in the market for a heavy, yet incredibly soft and warm blanket, look no further than the fabled fleece blankets. Fleece is usually polyester or some other synthetic fabric and is very warm and light. It is also a wholly washable and a perfect choice for anyone suffering from allergies. 

Best of all, they’re often very inexpensive to come by and can even be easily made by just about anyone. They’re sensitive to high heat, however, so take care not to use them near fires.


Blankets are not just a source of comfort for us, they’re a part of our biological history. Therefore, selecting one should be as much about personal respect as it is about fun and comfort.

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