6 Easy-To-Rank SEO Tips To Boost Your Amazon Listings and Sales Performance

Improve your Amazon listings and sales performance with our six Amazon SEO tips. Keep reading to explore!

There is no denying that Amazon is one of the largest and fastest-growing retailers today. So naturally, there is no doubt that more and more businesses are selling products on Amazon.

If you want your business to reach more customers, using Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. This article will cover six easy-to-rank SEO tips to boost your amazon listings and sales performance. So, let’s find out!

What Is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing your product listings to increase your product’s display ranking in Amazon search results. For best results, it’s important to optimize your listings according to the standards set by Amazon’s algorithm.

Amazon’s algorithm focuses on two factors: relevance and performance. Specifically, relevance indicates how your keyword matches a search query, while performance is based on how well your product is sold.

Here are some basic steps to optimize your product listings:

  • Research keyword searched by customers are looking for in your target market
  • Include important keywords in the title, description of the product
  • Optimize product images to match Amazon standards
  • Increase the quantity and quality of reviews by investing in review management

The rest of the article will discuss Amazon SEO tips to boost your listings and sales. For best results, we recommend visiting olifantdigital.com to get the necessary optimization steps.

6 SEO Tips to Boost Your Amazon Listings and Sales Performance

1. Focus On Keyword Research

As we all know, conducting keyword research is very important for Amazon SEO. In general, traditional SEO has some similar qualities to keyword research.

Like traditional SEO, it is essential to focus on long-tail keywords containing three or more words. By applying these keywords, the number of potential customers who find your product listing will increase. In addition, try to use all relevant keywords if you do not want to miss out on potential customers.

Also, it is essential to integrate relevant keywords into your listing. It is a good idea to apply them in places like titles, product descriptions, etc.

We recommend using the Sonar tool to find the right keywords for our Amazon SEO campaign. This tool focuses specifically on keywords that everyone uses on Amazon. Furthermore, it allows you to see the search volume for each keyword and prioritize them in your campaign.

2. Optimize The Title

Your product’s title can affect where your product listing appears in search results. Therefore, it is essential to include all the critical elements in the title of the product listing.

In most cases, the format of the title should follow the following rule: Brand + Feature + Material + Key Ingredients + Product Type + Model Number + Size + Package Count + Color + Flavor.

Also, while optimizing your title, it is best to put the most relevant keywords first. This allows every customer to see the most crucial keyword, no matter how short or long your title is. Moreover, it also helps your listing to appear in the most relevant search results.

3. Follow the Image Guidelines

Product images are essential for your product listing. They allow buyers to approach many different angles to get a better view of the product’s appearance. Therefore, it is undeniable that product images help you to build trust and credibility with your buyers when they cannot see the product in person.

Amazon offers customers a zoom feature that allows buyers to zoom in on one product image when they click on it. So, we recommend using product images larger than 1000 × 1000 pixels to provide a more positive experience for buyers.

The ability to zoom in allows buyers to get a better idea of the product’s appearance. Adding zoomable images does not directly affect Amazon SEO. It can even improve your conversion rate and the listing’s ranking. Moreover, it can help you get more reviews.

4. Apply Bullet Points to Product Descriptions

When posting a product, you probably want to talk about its good side as much as possible. However, sharing a large amount of information can be overwhelming for readers. The fact of the matter is that most customers prefer short and easy-to-read information. So, it is essential to break up your information for easier readability.

The best solution to share your product description is using bullet points. Bullet points tend to make readers feel more informed to make a purchase. That is the reason why they can help improve product ranking and increase conversion rate.

5. Consider The Price

There’s no denying that price is an important factor for shoppers. Most buyers want to get the best product without paying a lot of money. Therefore, before posting your product on Amazon, it is essential to research how competitors are pricing.

Selling your product too expensive compared to your competitors will not help your Amazon SEO campaign. Therefore, you will not want to sell your product for $50 while your competitor offers the same product for $10. Customers always tend to find a cheaper product that suits their needs.

It is a good idea to observe how competitors price products similar to yours. This allows you to better understand how your product is priced and see if your product can compete with your competitors.

6. Manage Product Reviews

Reviews and feedback are critical to any business. Many customers rely on them to make purchase decisions. Therefore, to improve your Amazon SEO campaign, it is essential to manage product reviews.

To be at the top of Amazon’s search results, your products must have four stars or more. Furthermore, these products must come with great reviews. That is the reason why you need to encourage buyers to leave feedback or review your product.

Unfortunately, most of the customers who leave feedback are left unsatisfied with your product. In fact, negative feedback can leave a bad impression on other customers. Therefore, you need to take the time to respond to negative reviews and find ways to help customers solve the problem.


Amazon is an excellent platform for you to post your products. However, if you want to optimize your Amazon listing to help interested potential customers find your products, investing in improving Amazon SEO is essential. Again, visit olifantdigital.com to get the best campaigns to drive results.