6 Psychological Tactics To Use For Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media has changed our daily lives, impacted simple processes like shopping, and taught us to create an identity for ourselves. Most brands and influencers communicate with their audience to understand their preferences, but very few of them come up with things their audience didn’t know they needed. Understanding the basic principles of human psychology is the best way to comprehend your followers’ preferences and conduct better social media campaigns. You can use the different social media services of the best sites to buy Instagram followers to boost your account, but psychological tactics will help you connect with existing and potential followers.

Find Why People Share Content

Most people are addicted to the idea of being a social media influencer and have often found themselves wondering why they have the urge to share what they do on social media. An extensive study conducted by The New York Times zeroed in on five reasons:

  • To add value – Most people said that they share their content because they feel it will help improve the audience’s lives.
  • To define their personas – Around two in three people said that social media helps them showcase an idealized version of themselves to fit their audience’s interests.
  • To make connections – Some people believe that sharing their lives can help them foster connections with people alike and with varied interests.
  • To receive acknowledgment – As human beings, we have the constant need for the positive feedback. The study found that people enjoy the feeling of sharing content and receiving feedback.
  • To support their personal beliefs – Most people love sharing information to support the brands they love or establish their personal beliefs.

Thus, remember that people will only engage with your content if they adhere to any of these five motivations.

People Love Visual Aid

Studies show that visual aid helps facilitate learning in children and adults. Adding videos, photos, and illustrations helps grasp the audience’s attention and might appeal to them. In turn, people will be more inclined to go through your post and grasp its true value. Most influencers are well habituated with this psychological trait and include strong visual elements.

Choose Colors Based on the Vibe you want to Create

Colors are the basis of visual aids and can affect the customer’s psychology. A study on the Impact of Color on Marketing revealed that people make up their minds about the showcased product or person within 90 seconds of initial interaction. Colors can help showcase unique brand personalities, and incorporating them in your posts helps stimulate the audience’s senses. For example, purple is viewed as regal and is perfect for luxury brands, whereas blue represents approachable and is better for affordable brands. If you are an influencer and want to look approachable, include yellow in your brand color. However, context is key, and making strategic color decisions depends on it.

People Are Wary of Trusting Brands without Social Proof

Most people look for recommendations and reviews before buying a new product. Most people buy from brands they trust, which makes it important for marketers to earn their audience’s loyalty. Showing results that help customers feel good about themselves are more effective in creating a positive effect. Posting more user-generated content and positive reviews is effective to showcase the honesty and integrity of the brand. You can buy Instagram followers so that people recognize your account as a trusted one.

Curious People are More Likely to Engage with a Post

Most brands struggle to get their audience to engage or read their long posts. Stimulating curiosity in them makes them more inclined to comment to gather more information. Most social media experts suggest using social media quotes, captions, and headlines to spark interest. However, do not clickbait your users, as it will ultimately create a negative impact on your brand. You can use services like buying Instagram comments and other promotions from the best sites to buy Instagram followers for a better reach.

Social Media Thrives on Controversy

You might have noticed that social media accounts addressing controversial topics thrive well. Not only do they amass more interaction, but they also induce interest in people to stay tuned for future posts. The Instagram algorithm picks up on engagement, and the high interaction helps you get a wider reach. As a marketer/brand/influencer, you need to find ways to embed controversies in your posts.


Taking the guesswork out of your social media strategy is key to success. Use psychological tactics, the best sites to buy Instagram followers, and other digital tools for maximum results. If there are some other psychological traits you have utilized in your marketing strategy, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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