7 Reasons to Choose Fusion Bond Hair Extensions

Fusion bond hair extensions are one of the most popular extension techniques among customers and hair stylists.

For the strands fixation hair techs use keratin which is used for bond formation.

As a result, you get hair of the desired length and volume, very comfortable in wearing, and easily blendable with your natural hair.

We compiled the top 7 reasons why you should try keratin bonds hair extensions:

1. Safe for health

Any changes in your hairstyle should not be harmful to your health. 

For example, such techniques as micro rings or tape ins can damage curls, weaken roots, and even cause hair loss.

If installed correctly K tips are absolutely safe for health: you will get used to all the changes in just a couple of days and feel no discomfort.

But it is essential to find an experienced hair technician who knows how to choose the appropriate weight and correctly fix the bonds.

If the stylist does not master the technique, you can feel a headache, excessive tension, and it can even lead to hair loss.

Choose real professionals with a good portfolio – and you will be completely satisfied with your hairstyle!

2. Suitable for any hair type

Fusion bond hair extensions are suitable for clients with any thickness and structure of the hair. 

It is important to choose the optimal material for you:

  • Slavic hair is perfect for clients with soft fine undyed locks. 
  • Russian hair works well with slightly denser natural hair. Here you will find a wide variety of shades and textures. 
  • European hair is the thickest, longest, and most dense strands. 

We strongly recommend you avoid using Asian hair because it is not suitable for North American women due to its coarse structure (hair extensions will be noticeable in the hairstyle).

In addition, such raw materials undergo aggressive processing, which destroys the cuticle of the hair and makes the extensions very uncomfortable to wear (the locks are tangling and become difficult to comb).

3. Natural look

Unlike tapes, bonds are invisible in the hairstyle. The hair stylist arranges the keratin bonds with extension strands so that they are covered with natural locks.

Thanks to this the hairstyle looks as natural as possible, so no one will ever notice that you have hair extensions.

4. The best option for fine hair

As you have already understood, Slavic hair is an optimal choice for thin hair. Due to its light texture, it will not create a load on soft and loose curls.

However, not only material is important, but also the application method.

Thus, sew in extensions with machine wefts or tape in extensions are not suitable for thin hair.

Machine wefts are rather heavy and coarse. Tapes are too noticeable in the hairstyle. In both cases, you risk stimulating hair loss.

For soft weakened curls, it is best to choose micro bond extensions. 

First, they are much smaller than the standard bonds, which makes them even lighter and more invisible.

Second, this method uses thinner strands (micro bonds due to their size require smaller strands). 

This is the safest and most beautiful option for such curls!

5. The extension procedure takes quite some time

You have to be prepared to spend 3-3.5 hours per application of 100 grams of hair. If you make micro bond hair extensions or use more hair weight, then you will need more time.

However, it is worth it: everyone will be delighted with your hairstyle!

6. Long life-span

Unlike clip ins that can be applied and removed whenever you want to, fusion hair extensions will last you for 3-4 months. After that you will need to visit your hair stylist for a reapplication procedure.

The reapplication procedure is as follows: at first, the hair tech removes the extended strands. Then it is important to comb it thoroughly, to remove the residues of keratin glue, tangles, and fallen hair. After that the extended strands are combed, re-bonded, and reapplied.

7. Keratin bonds are suitable even for short hair

If you have a short haircut, but dream about long locks, then the best solution is k-tips!

Thus, sew in extensions require a certain length of natural hair, tape ins and clip ins can be noticeable in the hairstyle. 

With fusions you have nothing to worry about. The hair tech will do micro bond extensions that are absolutely invisible even in short hair styles.

Fusion bond hair extensions are not the cheapest beauty treatment. You need to buy quality material and pay for the services of a hairstylist. 

However, all your costs will definitely pay off when you see the result.

We are ready to help you and know where to buy the best material for fusion bond hair extensions. Visit the I Love Slavic Hair online store: here you can choose the desired length, structure, weight and color of the bundle. 

The range of the brand includes Slavic, Russian, and European hair that has been carefully processed. With them the extensions will be very comfortable to wear, and you get the hairstyle you’ve always dream of!