7 reasons your home has low water pressure

Low water pressure in your faucets, tap or shower can prove to be extremely frustrating. Depending on the severity of the problem, it can cause a great deal of inconvenience. In such a situation, a reputed Sydney plumber could bail you out of the trouble by fixing the issue. However, depending on the reason behind the low water pressure, you might not even need to call a plumber. 

When to hire a plumber in Sydney to fix low water pressure?

You might not always need a professional plumber to fix a low water pressure problem. In some cases, simple fixes like turning a valve can solve the issue, and you can do it yourself. However, if any part of the plumbing system requires repair or maintenance, professional services are a must. DIY plumbing repairs often do not end well and lead to bigger problems.  

Common reasons behind low water pressure

The water pressure in your home may drop due to a number of reasons, such as:

  1. A clogged aerator: If the low pressure is present only on a specific faucet, it might be the result of a blocked aerator. Often, these aerators rust or become clogged by debris. Unscrewing the aerator, cleaning it and putting it back on should fix the issue. 
  1. A leaking toilet: If there is a leak in the cistern of your toilet, it can lead to a continuous loss of water and cause the pressure to drop in your shower or the other faucets. 
  1. The main shut-off valve: If the main shut-off valve in your home isn’t fully open, it could reduce the water pressure significantly. You do not need a professional to fix this, as you may simply turn the valve to reopen it. 
  1. Leaking pipes: If the water pipes in your home crack or start leaking, a drop in the water pressure would be one of the most notable symptoms. You would have to fix this problem fast, as a water leak inside the walls can cause major damage to your home. 
  1. Clogged pipelines: Over time, sediments can build up inside the pipes and clog them restricting water flow. As plumbing systems grow old, they also start corroding. This is a major problem and requires professional expertise to fix. 
  1. Faulty pressure regulator: A pressure regulator controls the water moving into your home from the city’s service line. In case the regulator is faulty, it could decrease the water pressure. You would need a licensed plumber to check and fix it. 
  2. Sediment build-up in the water heater: If you face the low water pressure only upon turning on the hot water, the likely reason behind it is a sediment build-up in the heater. A professional plumber can service your heater and clean it up. 

How to hire professionals to fix damaged pipelines, sediment build-ups, or a leaking toilet Sydney?

In case the reason behind the low water pressure is a major problem in the plumbing system or the water heater, it is crucial that you hire experienced professionals. Leading plumbing companies offer a comprehensive range of services, fixing damaged pipelines and leaking toilet Sydney with ease. Find a reliable one near you and schedule a visit if needed.